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In Reading :: Movies

By Lindsey

Khodorkovsky Comes Out ( verbally ) Swinging in Kiev

On 11, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In Reading :: Movies | By Lindsey



I would love to hear him speak. What a story he has to tell.


Not that I’d understand much of it. I assume it would be in Russian.  Above is a picture of Mikhail Khodorkovsky giving a public lecture on ‘Rights and freedoms’ at the National Technical University of Ukraine in Kiev,  Monday, March 10th.

He was only just released from prison in December. He served a decade for tax evasion/ rubbing Mr. Putin the wrong way. The video of the two verbally going back and forth is fascinating. It’s also haunting as you know what happened not long later. As he stood before judge after judge, you saw the once richest man in Russia become an essay writing prisoner.


I remember the day he was released. The timing so close to the Olympics. Regardless, I was so glad for him.  I want to read more of what he has to say. He came into his wealth at such a young age. He changed his moves with the fluctuating economy and made truly brilliant decisions.

In his speech yesterday he obviously spoke in support of those Ukrainians who are resisting Russian occupation. He also urged the West for assistance.  Interesting to hear him make his first anti-Russian / anti-Putin regime comments.


Right now Khodorkovsky is top of mind for me. I’m in the middle of the book The Oligarchs. It details the rise of men like Khodorkovsky who, when the Soviet Union fell, were at the right place at the right time and made fortunes. Money that couldn’t have been imagined just years prior.  The way they manipulated the turmoil and changing economy is simply fascinating. Many of them later ended up on the wrong side of the government. The book is a bit dated. It was written in 2001, but the history of this peculiar time is a great read.

The article I linked above says, “Following his release from prison, Khodorkovsky said he is not interested in politics and will devote himself to helping Russia develop civil society. Khodorkovsky plans to apply for permanent residency in Switzerland.”  He has or at least had a grown son in New York.


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In Musings

By Lindsey

Swimsuits, ha ha ha ha ha

On 09, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Been shopping for swimsuits. whew

Mom and I are hitting the beach next month.

Ladies, you can understand the exhaustion.

Shopping for them online (the models / are they real people) is almost worse than trying them on in person, if that is possible. You know, you tell yourself, “It will look better with a tan.” or “I have a month to loose some of this extra chunk around my thighs.”

Who cares, right? Just pick one. Seems I’m not the only one googling “modest swimsuits”. What adult woman who eats a couple of meals a day can really wear those small pieces of cloth that they some how justify charging way too much $$$ for us to purchase! Plus, I don’t really want to look sexy with my mom and dad? Just want to enjoy the breeze/sun and swim?

Making myself laugh by thinking about Matt Laur on Halloween.




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In Musings

By Lindsey

Where I’m from, kinda

On 08, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Just walked up to young mom in a local park in Germantown. Trying to get an interview, I started to introduce myself “I’m Lindsey…”and she cut me off there. She said, ” You are Lindsey Brown from Meridian, Mississippi”

Her husband was stationed at the navy base there. Small world or region, rather. Made my day of filling in for our Saturday morning anchor.



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In Music

By Lindsey

Fantastic Music Friday :: Warpaint ::

On 07, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey



Women can make such creepy yet beautiful music.

Warpaint has always been my go to when I’m in a certain kind of mood, but, let’s see, how do I describe the mood I’m talking about. Maybe you are a bit aggravated, feel extra quiet, or would like to throw down a coffee mug or something, but think better of it because you happen to like the mug and don’t believe in waste? If that is you, on occasion, Warpaint is much better than breaking things you like. The band is either all female or almost all female. I don’t have enough time at the moment to get that 100 % straight, but there are enough women making the music that it’s appropriate to say – these are women who rock. Now, since I’m very season sensitive, I want to make sure I’m clear. These songs don’t scream spring. They really are later winter. With that said, don’t forget to spring forward before you go to bed Saturday night. xoxo



Warpaint – Love is to die from the new album called Warpaint

I was thrilled to hear this. It’s really good. Really good. Different and still good.

All of the ones below are from Warpaint’s 2010 release – The Fool. It was a good buy. I enjoyed the whole album.

Warpaint – Undertow

Warpaint – Set your arms down

Get to 3:06 on this one. It has a nice musical surprise.

Warpaint – Shadows

I LOVE Shadows. I think it’s my favorite on the fool. It’s fantastic. It’s pretty and unexpected.

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In Musings

By Lindsey

No more Goop

On 06, Mar 2014 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

My bad mood started early.
It’s okay.
We all get them.
I know why I’m in one.
More specifically, I’m half way out.
It was a long day.
I’m tired of cold weather.
Don’t want to exercise.
And …….
I just want to be alone.
To cheer myself up I’m looking at this picture.


Funny, right? It’s those stubby legs!
Although, I really want to cheer myself up with…


Matt likes to tease me by randomly texting me this picture of a rare moment of total loss of control. Instead, I ate two apples and stopped following goop / Gwyneth Paltrow on every platform. Feel much better now.

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