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Downton Abbey Hangover

On 29, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey and Kiara

It’s a beautiful day in Memphis with clear blue skies and I’m sitting at my computer. Everything I speak against. (well, at least I have my doors open and great music playing) I’m in this state because I stayed up until 5 am watching Downton Abbey and now am pausing the play button long enough to blog about the fantastic series.

It’s as good as you’ve heard. I’m so thrilled that money was spent to create such a beautiful show full of amazing homes. The large house (above) and smaller brick cottages (my favorite). The furniture is a true joy to focus on during the scenes.

I’ll explain how good it is. I’m watching the show all at once thanks to my Amazon Prime membership, but the only non Apple computer I have in the house is a small mini laptop. VERY SMALL. So I stayed up all night in bed with that little screen up to my eyes taking in this addictive story of war time England. Bridget, my cat, was sprawled across my neck. I still didn’t budge until the wee hours of the morning when my eyes were burning so I couldn’t see any longer. Of course the show comes on every Sunday night on PBS, free for cable-less folks like me, but I had to watch all at once which required turning to the web. You can watch the season 2 shows you’ve missed at the PBS site.

It tells a story that combines two families of sorts. The family upstairs and the “family” of servants downstairs. Yes, it has a soap opera quality about it, but the moody well crafted scenes and superb acting take it beyond that description.

I’m as hesitant as anyone to jump on board the latest fad that promises to take us out of our lives and put us in front of a screen watching others live, but on this one, I’m giving myself approval.

You will find Cora a true example of class. She has a neat quality about her.

Her daughter Mary is far too complicated and has sabotaged her own happiness. Hey, we are all flawed.  Thank you for showing how beautiful pale skin is. Maybe this trend will take over the Jersey Shore trend of yellow? Maybe? Just wish my trainer would watch this show so he would stop telling me to get in the tanning bed. He won’t listen to me that pale is “IN” so maybe Edwardian England will persuade him to zip it. 

The one time I’m glad I don’t have sisters. So harsh to each other.

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