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In Musings

By Lindsey

A "Trip" to the Elegant Farmer :: Cinema Inspired meal

On 25, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Late last night after work my friend and I randomly selected the British Movie The Trip. We knew nothing of it. Purely selected it for the sights we thought we would see in the background. That we got! The characters are apparently famous comedians, unknown to me. I don’t keep up with the latest stars. It really was fantastic. The two men pictured below play themselves. They are touring the country trying different restaurants and inns. All the spots they chose are locally owned and full of warmth. We wanted to crawl through the computer screen and share a glass of wine with them.

When the decision came up of what to eat for lunch. I immediately thought of a charming looking restaurant that shares a Tudor style property with an antique store. It’s on South Highland Street in Memphis and called the Elegant Farmer. Great name, right? Our meal and experience were perfectly matched to the movie we had watched. I had the pot roast with hearty mac and cheese while my best bud Jonathan had the salmon patties with mac and cheese. We southerners can’t pass it up, can we? Our bread was made by the restaurant. Everything about the food they serve screams passion and warmth. Everything feels very earthy from their choice of root vegetables to basic ingredients.

I’m going to go ahead and say it. This may be one of my favorite restaurants EVER. Yes. Based on that one meal. The joy I think I would receive by spending a dinner there is something to dream of. Overly dramatic? I typically am, but this was amazing.

My Pot Roast :: cell phone photos of food just never look as good!

Jonathan here from Philadelphia, MS

So happy :: and soon to be full

Rich chocolate cake with the most delicate fresh cream

Sure adore this colorful rooster. I’m not a fan of these in the home
But I would welcome this one

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