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In Musings

By Lindsey

I can’t quite touch it :: I’m trying

On 22, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Now that the weather is changing I have some memories I just can’t shake. They aren’t bad memories, not at all, but still, they make me a little nostalgic for a moment I can’t get back. They are of a Meridian, Ms friend’s apartment just before I moved up to Memphis.

It was actually a dump with some qualities about it that made the low $400-ish rent a steal. It may have had no proper air conditioning :: leaving all of us hanging out there to stew in our spring/summer sweat, but that made the place feel even more otherworldly. Outside the windows vines ran all over the building. They cast a green tone on everything. I knew at the time it was special.

This is the only shot I have that would show the feel

There was always the smell of something fresh cooking. (that dish above was amazing) It all made me feel alive even though my limbs were swollen from wine and heat. I’m in the process of making my apartment feel alive after what felt like a very long winter even though it really wasn’t. I’ve started with the simple like just leaving my doors open (I have a screened in porch) and getting fresh herbs in my kitchen so I can see the green and smell them in dishes I cook. Yes, I’m cooking!! This weekend I plan to get in my yard and do a lot of digging. I have a new book about easy/colorful container planting.

Some shots early in my quest to bring life

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