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MEGAbus is MEGA Cool!!

On 25, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey and Kiara

Two thumbs up. And not on the side of the road hitching a ride, because last weekend I had the EASIEST ride from Memphis to Nashville possible. Well, having my own personal driver would be easier, but…..

Megabus is in cities across the country, and I finally decided to give them a try.

You see. I hate driving long distances, which to me is anything more than an hour. It’s not that I’m lazy or incapable, instead I get very snoozy. To the point that I get very anxious knowing how easy it is to just doze off a bit. (yes I nap like an old woman) When I was at Ole Miss driving 6 hours home to Long Beach, I had no trouble. It has only been the last 3 years that my apparent narcolepsy has hit me. Raycom Media, if you are reading, I really don’t have narcalepsy. Man, I need to watch my writing before it gets me grounded. 

So here is the info on Megabus. It’s a big, clean double-decker bus. It has wifi and electrical plugs for your gadgets.

Happy Happy traveler 
with time on her hands and $$$$ in her pockets

For my round trip I paid $20. Yes, it would have cost me more to fill my jeep up for the trip. The people on the bus were mostly young people using it to go back and forth to college. SMART!! I’ve heard nightmares about riding greyhound, but this was a much happier experience and cheaper. Don’t tell too many people. Seriously. 

Waiting outside the bus

The line to board

We did have a mandatory 30 minute stop at a truck stop on both the to and from trip, which could irritate some people. I thought it felt like an adventure. I did my makeup in the bathroom and drank lots of trucker coffee. You could have also had your choice of Subway or McDonald’s.  Cool, right. Even with this stop, the trip took four hours. When I drive it myself I get there in about three hours and twenty minutes. win win

Where you live depends on where the bus goes. The cost also depends on the time of your ride and when you book it. It only stops in larger cities.  My next Megabus trip will be to St. Louis. Join me, though only if I can nap on your shoulder.

Disclaimer :: my trip was fantastic, but if yours, your friend’s, your child’s or someone you know had a poor ride, I’m sorry. My idea of “worth it” might not be the same as yours. I’ve been known to rough it for travel.

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