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In Travel

By Lindsey

Home Again Home Again :: With Crazy Swollen Ankles

On 16, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey

It’s 7 am and I’m up. Couldn’t sleep. I got home last night with some mild body drama. I have a pretty strict personal rule that I don’t bother people with how I feel. Usually if someone asks I just say fine, ok, great, wonderful, awesome….you know. However this case is a bit special. While in England, not only did I come down with an exhaustion induced cold (sore throat, headache, aches and runny nose) which is fine because we all get colds, but I also really messed myself up on the flight home.


Yes, that is my foot. I normally have a very slender/veiny foot. Not when I woke up from the 8 hour flight. I freaked. My mom has always warned me about blood clots on long flights. Both feet were this way. This photo doesn’t even do them justice. For example, when I walked, I could feel the fluid in my ankles shake. OMG I had slept the entire 8 hours bent over with my head on the seat tray  in front of me and my feet on the ground. They were never numb so I didn’t worry. I never needed to use the bathroom, so I never got up. I was a window seat. Also, the night before I left I drank white wine and ate a big plate of cured meats and cheese.  Lesson learned. Get up move around :: lay off the salty meat. Don’t do what I did.

So instead of going home, looking through my new treasures, watching my favorite online show, I got on the ground with my feet up on a chair. My good friend had the strange task of talking to my mom and massaging the fluid out of my angles. The humiliation. The good news. I checked them out as soon as I woke this am and they are 90 % back to normal size. My coffee is making and the birds are singing me a welcome home to Memphis song. Now…if I could only find what I left in my fridge to make my apartment stink!!

I took loads of photos and can’t wait to look at all of the!!


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