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In Music

By Lindsey

Memoryhouse :: For Your Summer :: For Your Heart

On 29, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

By now most of those who read my blog know my music style, for the most part, I guess.

It’s normally going to have a dreamy :: ethereal quality to it. I’m always so delighted when I find a new band that feels so perfect it’s as if the songs were written by a dear friend who knew exactly what would touch my heart and carry me along the road on whichever adventure I’m on at the time.

Memoryhouse is that. They aren’t my friends; I’m sure they are cool, though. They have to be. From what I read they never set out to be a band :: the singer with the amazing voice was/is a photographer and apparently it just happened. Now they are on Sub Pop. The way that happens with naturally creative people is just fascinating. So inspiring it makes me think that maybe if I picked up a paintbrush it would turn into a career….though, the summer I decided to create my own stationery company with aluminum foil taught me this just isn’t the case for this talentless creative.

The songs drift in unexpected ways. They switch tempos using a fun assortment of instruments and gadgets. The steel guitar scattered through the record is a treat and perfect for summer. The singer’s voice is so nice :: when I sing along I pretend hers is mine. Made for an amazing ride from Little Rock to Memphis this morning (monday). What’s interesting is that I can hear the other options they could have gone with when composing the songs. Some might want them to be even more upbeat :: I can certainly hear how they would sound in my head. Though, I like them just as they are. I think the restraint offers a purity that I appreciate. Speaking of that drive from Little Rock to Memphis :: this record is the only thing that got me over the Mississippi River Bridge into Memphis. I get so panicky on bridges. I’ve almost been here a year and this trip was the first time I had to be the person driving over it. I’m talking cold sweaty hands and light-headed. I just turned the music up really loud and focused on the center lane.

Some extremely high points on The Slideshow Effect which came out in Feb.

All Our Wonder 

I had so much fun singing the lines below over and over. The “we’re not the lucky ones” took me forever to get right.

“No more silencing me :: We not the lucky ones. We’ll never be the lucky ones.”

The Kids Were Wrong 


Fast with a bit of groove splashed in. A superb dancer. Around 3:16 you hear the groovy bits I’m talking about. Fantastic.


Really nice. I love…”Lie on the ground before the lightening strikes. Just don’t drown in the flood.” At 3:20 it is just wonderful.

Pale Blue

“we’re not alone”

** plus they were touring with Washed Out. Another fave. Good stuff all around.


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In Design

By Lindsey

New Attitude in Little Rock

On 28, May 2012 | No Comments | In Design, Travel | By Lindsey

I needed a little attitude adjustment. Just a little. Not that mine was bad, it just needed a little tweaking.

I drove the quick two hours to Little Rock Sunday night for a quick adventure.

Everything I did there I could have done in Memphis — shopping — walking — reading, but there was something about removing myself from my environment that did the trick.

I stayed at the Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock. I’m going to think of it as my short distance sanctuary. The lobby was full marble and original tile. The restaurants are so elegant. The porch a true treat. I even tried a new beer that I love :: Diamond Bear – Pale Ale.

Wish you and your family a happy Memorial Day and saying a thank you to all the men and women who protect us. Thank you!


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In Design

By Lindsey

My kind of food review :: Acre Restaurant

On 10, May 2012 | No Comments | In Design | By Lindsey

Foodies hate me.

Well, I really don’t know if they do or not. I do know we have totally opposite goals when checking out new eat spots.

The food at Acre Restaurant in East Memphis ( 690 South Perkins :: south of Poplar) was outstanding, though that’s not what I took away from my dinner there. The renovation work they did to the building/old house style structure is outrageous. I’m talking stunning.

My friend Ellie chose the spot. She knew I would oooooh and ahhhh and I did, the whole time.

I thought it felt very Northern Cali wine country. She thought more mountain resort.

They mixed the natural woods (and lots of it) with very bright whites and creams. It all blends into a very natural palate that still has a sense of contemporary glamour. The bar has to be one of the prettiest I’ve seen.

My pictures just don’t do the place justice. I’ve sorta stopped taking photos of my food because they always make it look unappetizing. Instead, I snapped some shots of my fave part :: the design.

Acre’s pro pictures on their site are so much better, though they web wouldn’t let me copy them…

so check them out HERE

Ellie, a Memphis native, has been so kind to me since day one of arriving in Memphis

Here’s a very public thank you!

Didn’t they just nail their entryway?

Aren’t these chairs lovely

So many different textures with the wood

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In Design

By Lindsey

Latest Estate Sale Find

On 07, May 2012 | No Comments | In Design | By Lindsey

I had my thrift/estate sale partner in town with me for a whole week! That means Mom and I both found all sorts of goodies. This is the one I’m loving the most right now. For just $1 I will be serving coffee/tea with sweet florals. Look how it already pops with the table-cloth I’m using right now. I’ve been busy since Mom left late last week and am only now playing with all my finds. When is the next trip?? Hate I’m missing the big Highway 11/80 garage sale in Meridian all the way up to Virginia. I never missed that one. The sellers were so eager to get rid of the stuff they had outstanding prices. Every year over the Mother’s Day weekend.

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In Music

By Lindsey

My Morning Jacket Memories :: More Background Than You Wanted

On 04, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music, Musings | By Lindsey

I love stories. I love it when people tell me stories. So, it’s only right that I tell my own as simple and everyday as they are. They are mine. To me they were profound moments. That’s all that matters.

Music is the biggest storyteller I’ve ever found. Smell is pretty big, too. Though, right now we are focusing on music. I’m not talking about lyrics, but what we were doing when we heard those songs :: when we experienced them. How they made us feel. How they changed us. How we will never forget what went through our core when we heard them.

My Morning Jacket was heavy on my rotation in 2006…I was actually still using a discman then. Late adopter, what can I say.


It was February. The week of Valentines Day. I’d just graduated that January. Moved back to Oxford after realizing I couldn’t live in Long Beach until I found a job. For a couple of reasons : the coast had just been hit by Katrina 5 months before. It was the most depressing place I had ever been. My hometown didn’t look like the place I knew. Everyone there was sad. I was sad.

I was even more down in the dumps when my college boyfriend broke up with me because of the 6-7 hour-long distance. I reached the point where I couldn’t watch another episode of law & order, so I packed a couple of outfits and my walking shoes, of course my discman, and drove back up north to Oxford where I lived with my best friend who was still finishing school.

The ex-boyfriend, who I still adore with his pretty long hair, was living there. He didn’t want to have to see me. I didn’t have a job. My career as a reporter didn’t seem to be panning out. College was over and I was at a loss. 22 and no clue what to do.

I can’t find very many pictures of that time

This is one I did find :: that walking sure was good for my figure.

Your girl even had a little tan. So little make up. I like her!!

The only way I knew how to deal with all my emotions was to walk. I walked a lot. I walked at night for hours at a time. I walked when it was icing and raining. My two albums for the journeys:  My Morning Jacket — It still Moves and Z–(I think there was some Flamming Lips, too). I figured out, so long as I didn’t run or bump around, I could put one cd on top of the one playing, so I could always have a 2nd cd to play.

The songs were haunting, dark, and long. They were just as emotional as I felt. Jim James is the real deal. That voice isn’t assisted. Plus, he’s a Southerner with a good head of hair.

Those albums walked me all the way in to Azalea time. By then I’d found a job working in a restaurant. Made precious memories with my best friend/roommate and healed my little broken heart, hey, I even met a new love (which has its own set of albums).  I’ll never forget dancing with Kate Taylor to records in her bedroom or singing Belle and Sebastian with Mitch Morgan.

By the time the hydrangeas were showing their colors, I had a REAL job offer as a reporter in Meridian, Mississippi. My difficult time aided by music was over. It was time to be an adult or at least think I was one!

That’s what I’ll be remembering Friday night when they perform at Beale Street Music Fest. I’ve never seen them. Most of my friends have. I don’t get done reporting until about 10:20 and they play at 10:50. My goal is to get dropped off outside the park and make my way to the stage. Who cares if I have to make a two-hour presentation Saturday morning at 9. Rock on.



Steam Engine :: still makes me cry. Good tears. 

I will sing you songs :: great live performance 

Dondante :: from Z

Lay Low :: happier. More azalea time listening.


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In Music

By Lindsey

Craft Spells :: Party Talk :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 04, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

It’s Friday. The start of a BIG weekend of MUSIC here in the Bluff City. Memphis in May kicks off tonight with Beale Street Music Fest. My plan is to get my photographer to drop my off so I can see My Morning Jacket at 10:50. Who knows how I’ll get home. I’ll figure it out.

With all of this said, let’s get the party started with a lovely piece of music you can sway to. Craft Spells :: Party Talk is perfect. Of course, plenty of synthy-fabulousness. Enjoy xoxo



Party Talk

A live version :: this is some good dancing 

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In Music

By Lindsey

Beach House in Memphis :: Oh My Word

On 02, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

My music friends started tweeting me this morning. When I finally heard enough alerts from my phone, I rolled over sleepy eyed and got the best news from them.

Amazing, dreamy, synth-laced band Beach House is coming to Memphis!!!!! I’m already dancing around my house in celebration. What’s great is that they maintain the same strong vocals and vibe live. It doesn’t get lost as happens at times.

The show is Thursday July 12th at Minglewood Hall.

I can’t take off work that day because it’s part of our TV ratings period, nor can I leave early, but I WILL be there. I might catch the last two songs, but I’ll be running in.

By the way, Beach House has a new album out May 15th. A friend somehow managed to get their hands on a copy of Bloom and I’m here to say it’s amazing.

Bloom Design


My favorite is “other people” Just as sweet :: dark :: dreamy as all their other stuff. I haven’t stopped listening since I got it. If you love Beach House you will be so happy.

If you don’t know them here are a couple of really great ones.


Lover of Mine 

Other People :: My favorite NEW one

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