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By Lindsey

My Morning Jacket Memories :: More Background Than You Wanted

On 04, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music, Musings | By Lindsey

I love stories. I love it when people tell me stories. So, it’s only right that I tell my own as simple and everyday as they are. They are mine. To me they were profound moments. That’s all that matters.

Music is the biggest storyteller I’ve ever found. Smell is pretty big, too. Though, right now we are focusing on music. I’m not talking about lyrics, but what we were doing when we heard those songs :: when we experienced them. How they made us feel. How they changed us. How we will never forget what went through our core when we heard them.

My Morning Jacket was heavy on my rotation in 2006…I was actually still using a discman then. Late adopter, what can I say.


It was February. The week of Valentines Day. I’d just graduated that January. Moved back to Oxford after realizing I couldn’t live in Long Beach until I found a job. For a couple of reasons : the coast had just been hit by Katrina 5 months before. It was the most depressing place I had ever been. My hometown didn’t look like the place I knew. Everyone there was sad. I was sad.

I was even more down in the dumps when my college boyfriend broke up with me because of the 6-7 hour-long distance. I reached the point where I couldn’t watch another episode of law & order, so I packed a couple of outfits and my walking shoes, of course my discman, and drove back up north to Oxford where I lived with my best friend who was still finishing school.

The ex-boyfriend, who I still adore with his pretty long hair, was living there. He didn’t want to have to see me. I didn’t have a job. My career as a reporter didn’t seem to be panning out. College was over and I was at a loss. 22 and no clue what to do.

I can’t find very many pictures of that time

This is one I did find :: that walking sure was good for my figure.

Your girl even had a little tan. So little make up. I like her!!

The only way I knew how to deal with all my emotions was to walk. I walked a lot. I walked at night for hours at a time. I walked when it was icing and raining. My two albums for the journeys:  My Morning Jacket — It still Moves and Z–(I think there was some Flamming Lips, too). I figured out, so long as I didn’t run or bump around, I could put one cd on top of the one playing, so I could always have a 2nd cd to play.

The songs were haunting, dark, and long. They were just as emotional as I felt. Jim James is the real deal. That voice isn’t assisted. Plus, he’s a Southerner with a good head of hair.

Those albums walked me all the way in to Azalea time. By then I’d found a job working in a restaurant. Made precious memories with my best friend/roommate and healed my little broken heart, hey, I even met a new love (which has its own set of albums).  I’ll never forget dancing with Kate Taylor to records in her bedroom or singing Belle and Sebastian with Mitch Morgan.

By the time the hydrangeas were showing their colors, I had a REAL job offer as a reporter in Meridian, Mississippi. My difficult time aided by music was over. It was time to be an adult or at least think I was one!

That’s what I’ll be remembering Friday night when they perform at Beale Street Music Fest. I’ve never seen them. Most of my friends have. I don’t get done reporting until about 10:20 and they play at 10:50. My goal is to get dropped off outside the park and make my way to the stage. Who cares if I have to make a two-hour presentation Saturday morning at 9. Rock on.



Steam Engine :: still makes me cry. Good tears. 

I will sing you songs :: great live performance 

Dondante :: from Z

Lay Low :: happier. More azalea time listening.


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