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In Music

By Lindsey

Phantogram :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 01, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

Girls (and guys) across the globe are obsessed with sexy crap music singing chicks like Katy Perry (sorry if that offends you :: I do like when she had/has blue hair) and all the others whose names allude me. I’d like to offer a sireny songstress that could possibly replace those chicks in your playlist.




It isn’t new, but since this is Fantastic Music Friday I’m just sharing with you what I’m listening to at the moment.


I know, right? Can I please be her. Terribly cool on the keyboard with her misty haunting voice. Her partner is quite smashing as well, but she definitely steals the show. She reminds me of a less harsh Lisbeth.



If you haven’t listened much to phantogram, both records I have :: Eyelid Moves and Nightlife :: are a joy. Here are some links to videos. A song per album. Oh and enjoy them at Bonnaroo. Wish I could go. Have a rockin weekend brothers and sisters.

DON’T MOVE (live recording :: amazing :: real talent :: not just producers playing on computers)




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