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In Design

By Lindsey

Sweet As Kittens & Rabbits

On 12, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Design | By Lindsey

There’s this book I read from time to time. I don’t consider it a self-help book ; I think of it as a reminder of life’s beautiful simplicity. When things start to feel more complicated than they should, I take my favorite book out. I’ve read it since my freshman year of high school. It also offers easy ways to be a part of every season. It’s called Simple Abundance :: if you are interested. You can probably buy it for $2 used on amazon. I would love to write the author one day to tell her thank you.

The other day the read was about making our bedrooms a happy spot where we want to be. I have to be honest, I typically wake up and tear out of my bedroom with Bridget at my side leaving sheets and pajamas falling all over the room behind me. I’ll keep doing that, but with a  happier environment now. Unlike other apartments where I did most of my living in my bedroom, I now have a bigger place and spend the majority of my time in the living room, dining room or porch, so the bedroom has been an after thought.  It’s not that it was crazy messy or ugly, it just hasn’t been speaking to me.

It didn’t take much to change that.  I took out some of my floral pillow cases and bought some new english floral pattern sheets. Now it’s a sweet :: feminine spot that makes me smile when I wake up. Sure it might be a little too feminine, but I’m a chick.

Nothing fancy. Just a mix of colors and patters with lots of old pillowcases in the back. My favorite travel keepsake, a wool throw from Ireland, at the foot of my bed.

I think old :: floral  pillowcases are just about as sweet as kittens and rabbits

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