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In Musings

By Lindsey

Memphis, You Make Me Proud

On 06, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey


I can’t think of a better tribute to Memphis, the city I’ve lived in a year now, than to send the Bluff City a love note. A note from the heart. Not only has the city given me a year of opportunity, excitement, hard work and fun, but her people this week were very very very kind to my Momma. That I won’t forget.

Anchoring and reporting M-F I see all sorts of bad and scary things. I can’t count how many murders I’ve covered. Pointless-violent crime is a daily occurrence, so imagine my fear when I got done anchoring an hour and a half of news this past week to see that my mom had left four voicemails on my phone.

The first said, “I’m going to take the bus to your neighborhood. Then walk the rest of the way.” OMG!!!

Me – “she’s what” “what has happened” “what is she doing”

Mom has, for the most part, always lived in small towns. Sure, crimes happen there, too, but not like Memphis. Her terribly crafted voicemails told me nothing about what happened, only that she was in a bad situation and needed a ride home. What was worse :: her phone had died and I couldn’t get back in touch with her. Plus, I had to go right back to the set and anchor another 30 minutes of news with no way to use the phone. I was so nervous the entire show. I knew my mom was smart, but what was she going to do. Not to mention it was at least 100 degrees outside.

My radiator had burst when she was a good distance away from my house buying quilting materials. From the moment the coolant spewed from my car the good people of Memphis were helping my mom and melting my heart.

Neither one of us ever had to worry.

Two people in the Hancock Fabrics parking lot ( Quice & White Station ) told my mom she had a leak and shouldn’t try to drive the car. One of them told her about Ron Archers Auto Care on the other side of the parking lot. Once she made it over there, the employees made her feel relaxed. They took care of the car, let her use their phone ( since hers had died ). When she couldn’t get me on the phone, since I was anchoring, the owner took her to the MATA bus station down the road.

Alright, this freaked me out. My mother doesn’t know how to use public transportation. She doesn’t even know the roads/neighborhoods in Memphis. Again, she had to rely on the kindness of strangers to find her way. Picture her walking up to the stop with a giant bag of that puffy white quilt batting you fill the blankets with.

Some young teenagers helped her figure out which bus to get on. Two of the kids, a male and female, told the bus driver where she was going and sat near her to make sure she didn’t get nervous or miss her stop.

Her ordeal could have been very bad. Despite the negative I see all the time, I’m full of pride at the kindness Memphians showed my sweet mom.

Moving here was a dream come true. I love my job. I love my life. Thanks to the people of Memphis for bringing me into your lives every day at 4 and 10. Oh, my momma says thanks, too!

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