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In Musings

By Lindsey

New Expensive Hobby :: Preserving for Tomorrow

On 13, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey


I had just been thinking about how I’d love a jar (really a lifetime supply) of my Grandmother’s (Mamma B) sweet pickles.

As a kid I just didn’t understand why she would want us to eat these things that weren’t even sour and salty like the big ones we got at baseball games. Those adults were so wacky. You couldn’t even get me started on why my dad put salt on his watermelon, blah, or that hot sauce on greens.

Can’t remember when I realized those pickles were outstanding, but I would polish off a full jar in one sitting. This is still the case.

Now, Momma B isn’t a woman of fuss. There were no fancy stickers on the jars — forget ribbon. They just said pickles. Syrupy sweet with seasoning I’ve never even been able to identify.

Until Sunday.

I saw on facebook of all places that Williams & Sonoma stores across the country were having free classes on pickling. The timing was perfect considering the time is right for our ancestors to have put away their fresh fruit and veggies for the winter and that Williams & Sonoma has a fantastic line of expensive canning supplies that I didn’t even know existed. Did you know it’s suggested you have a proper extra deep cannng pot? Or some way cool metal arms you stick down in the water to remove the boiling jars? Yea, I didn’t either, but I do now. The ingredients aren’t pricey, but all the extras I’m going to want will be!

We made dill pickles, sweet relish and dilly beans (crispy & perfect for bloodies).

I went into it thinking the class would just be a neat way to pass the time on a slow sunday morning, but I now know I can do this.

The principles are the same for fruit jams, chutney and preserves.

How exciting!!

Don’t be shocked when you get cans of who knows what from me for the holidays. Don’t worry :: I’m trained.


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