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In Design

By Lindsey

Hit Goal :: Get Reward

On 17, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Design | By Lindsey

I have no clue who to ask.

I need a reward. Well, not yet. Not even close, but I’m working hard to achieve a personal goal which I won’t be getting into in this blog, but what I am getting into is the reward. Typical, right?

Instead of focusing on the hard work and dedication required of me to hit said goal I instead focus on the goods. Though, it’s like they say. Keep your eyes on the prize. You know?

I have a general idea of the reward. Not my typical loves travel or food, instead I want something to keep and something I can reward myself with in the next two months as that’s the amount of time it’s going to take.

I’ve decided my treat will be a purse/bag/tote.

I typically don’t believe in spending a lot on a bag because the ones I use normally get thrown on the concrete while I do interviews or stand-ups for work, but on this occasion I can have what I want.

I want one that is classic. One that when I’m old and possibly daughter-less (what a dreadful thought) a young lady will see it at my estate sale and want to love it and keep it for many more generations.


– Needs to be classic

-Would like it to be used (you know how I love things with history)


-large enough to hold make up bag and small notebook


-real, don’t do fake — well maybe just fake spray tans

-don’t want lois vuitton, don’t like looking like everyone else

So, here are my questions ::

1. What do I want? I really need help with this. I don’t follow designers, fashion or what’s really in style. Nor do I really care, but this means I don’t even know my options.

2. What are some websites that sell real designer handbags. I’m so paranoid about buying some lame knock off by accident.

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