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In Music

By Lindsey

“Back in 1989”

On 29, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey



There have maybe only been like 2 times I’ve turned friends on to new music.

It’s not that I don’t talk about music a lot, clearly I write about it all the time.

It’s just that most of my close friends are already music freaks and ::

1. already know about the music I would tell them about


2. Decidedly don’t like the same music as I do

So, my level of influence is very small. Tuesday night, though, I helped a friend discover a new favorite band and I feel like a million bucks.

This was a facebook friend on lindseybrown-news I had never met :: An Action News 5 at 4 viewer. I simply wrote (a lot, I guess) about this band I adore called “Wild Nothing” coming to play in Memphis for the second time in two months. I’d first heard them in April while roaming England alone for a week. It was playing in this sweet vintage dress shop on the southern coast. Thinking I was discovering some new (to me) British indie band, I asked the cute little shop girl who it was. Can’t think of a better souvenir to take back to Memphis with me than a fun new band. With the name scribbled on a piece of paper in my purse — I found some wireless and looked them up.  Turns out they aren’t British at all. They are actually from what some might consider the south :: Virginia. I don’t consider Virginia very southern, but for the sake of claiming them in this blog I’ll make an exception.

Having never heard them :: a facebook friend I had never met showed up and enjoyed the show. He took tons of photos and even snapped one of me glistening with sweat after dancing around alone for an hour.

Yep, that’s sweat :: and crows feet I was unaware of, though I always like women with wrinkles. Adds character?


After the show he said, “It’s like I’m watching the cure back in 1989.”

Oh, my heart skipped a beat. This dude knows nothing of my mild obsession with Robert Smith since age 12. If I’d gone without cure level stimulation since ’89 and one night randomly stumbled into a show where the music even remotely reminded me of it, I would be so very happy.

With Tim and looking 12 :: (note to self) angle hides crows feet.


I suppose it’s a little obvious to compare any synth-laced — dream pop to the cure, but this guy meant it and said it with such excitement and thrill. I’m so happy for him! Plus, I happen to agree. Wild Nothing’s songs make me just as giddy as I got while dancing around my bedroom to “inbetween days LISTEN” Sure, they aren’t the only ones replicating the sound, but as more and more do it and do it right, I’ll love them, too. Pitchfork just today gave their new album an 8.3. Mighty impressive. For comparison they gave the much loved Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix an 8.5 back in 2009 and who doesn’t love dancing to that one?

So, here’s to Wild Nothing, my forever love robert smith, his hot make-up, dancing alone at a small bar, my boss letting me work day shift so I could go, Tim finding a new band, wearing a floral dress with my bulky boots and feeling like I’m 20 again — until next time.

I even bought a t-shirt with the album art (below) on it. I don’t even wear t-shirts.


By the way, the band’s newest album NOCTURNE just came out tuesday. The title track is as sweet at pie. Album download just $9.99 on amazon. Click HERE to listen to my favorite on this one.


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