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In Design

By Lindsey

The Style Election

On 30, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Design | By Lindsey

I don’t talk politics.

You can ask my close friends and ex-boyfriends (I usually made them mad) :: I’m very politically minded, but keep or try to keep my mouth shut pretty much ALL the time, especially at work or in public which includes facebook, twitter and my blog. You’ll notice. There isn’t a “politics” category on my blog.

1. I’m a journalist and feel seriously that my opinions must stay out of my work. Not everyone agrees. What they do is their business, though I plan to stick to it.

2. Politics can be and often is driven by emotion and passion. I know how mad I get when people walk around either telling me I’m wrong or acting as if everyone shares their political opinions. Goodness knows people do it.

However, since the media has turned our First Lady’s wardrobe into a constant human interest story the last 4 years, you know —  WOW Michelle Obama loves J-Crew  — Watch her ROCK a cardigan — who knew she would DARE wear Marc Jacobs to a fundraiser — OMG look at her slender arms, I feel clothes/style are free game.

So, while people are making these very immediate ruthless comments on twitter dissing Paul Ryan’s music choices, looks (can you really call him ugly?), and speech length — I’ll scratch my need to join in by focusing on something no one can realistically get mad at me over. Fingers crossed……

Here we go :: The GOP ticket wins the female style category.

Janna Ryan’s green dress. Elegant. Classy. Traditional. Perfect.

Another one ::


Not to say I don’t have detractors. This is life.

The Boston Herald calls her Wednesday night choice, “Smart but safe”

What do they want? More of a designer edge? An up and coming design star? Fishnets? More bobbles?

Then you take the very glamorous 1949 born Ann Romney. Lovely.


I’ve always thought Michelle Obama did a fantastic job representing the United States style-wise. (Really, who cares) I’ve always been curious the routine her people go through putting the outfits together. I’d like to see her team in action. It’s clear (to me) more attention has been placed on her wardrobe than with first ladies in the past. Seems like a true concerted effort.

Still, my vote is with the GOP.

There we go folks, my chance to publicly talk politics with everyone else tonight.


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