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In Musings

By Lindsey

Back in Action

On 20, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Man, am I behind in my writing.

There are two reasons, though.

Life has been busy and good.

Since I was at my peak writing I’ve turned 29, lost around 22 pounds, and started anchoring a split a.m. & p.m. shift at the station.

I feel I can’t properly move forward in my blog if I don’t get everything up to speed.

So, yes, I turned 29 in October. Flew down to Dauphin Island, Alabama (south of Mobile)  for a week with my family. Dauphin Island is remote and far from commercial. I love it. Our house was right on the beach. We looked over the water sitting on the porch. Basically I just read and drank diet cokes. Heaven. My family hasn’t taken a proper vacation in at least ten years. I know we all looked at each other several times and said, “Why haven’t we done this more?” Good question. For a family as close as mine why would we not take the show on the road. What I loved is that my dad, who is a notorious homebody, started searching for our next Dauphin Island beach house in the middle of the trip with no prodding from the lady folk. That is rare! Something to celebrate along with turning 29. I was happy to spend the day with my family and alone with my thoughts.

Our beach:: right on water

Mom made the trip back up to Memphis with me. We shopped all the way including my favorite flea market in Meridian.  Once back here life went crazy.  The station wanted to try something different on the morning show by putting me there anchoring with the current team from 6-7 a.m.

With mom at Band of Horses concert

This would make anyone who really knows me laugh. I may have graduated from college years ago, but I never moved on from college hours. I’m routinely staying up until 3 a.m. and sleeping till 11:30 or noon. NO MORE. Your girl is up at 4 and at station by 5. On air at 6. Not only on air but happy to be there.

Quiet newsroom in the early morning hours

I actually have time to volunteer

Get this. Morning news is for me. I LOVE it. The speed is my style. The content is perfect for my personality. Who knew? Big thanks to my bosses for approaching me with this seemingly crazy idea that turned out to possibly be a life/career/future changer. The reason it’s been so nutz, though, is I’ve also still been anchoring my newscast, the 4pm. So, I go home between. Sounds awesome and to an extent, I admit, it is, but this schedule will start to play with your mind and body. Talk about a crash. Still, I’m cool. Not sure how long I’ll be on this shift, but I’m appreciating the positives while is lasts. You’ll only find me miserable for the first couple of minutes I wake from my midday nap.

Another big thing. I’m twenty something pounds down. I haven’t talked about it much other than to my close friends and family, but Memphis put a hurting on my figure. I take full responsability, though. The Chings hot wings, pursuit for favorite bbq and frozen yogurt right by my home left me with NO control. One day I realized none of my clothes fit and I was no longer the physically fit marathon runner I once was. It happened over a period of time, but really just hit me at once. Nothing like not being able to wear any of your old clothes and then having to go on live tv feeling like a total slob.  I made a HUGE lifestyle change. More chicken and veggies and less, wait, NO crap. The camera already adds about 10 pounds, I hardly need to add to that embarrasment. Now, I’m back to pre-Memphis weight. Actually pre-move weight. I treated myself to a/several cold Newcastles throughout packing and unpacking which only jump started the spiral to total loss of control. I typically think talking about weight is rude, but you know what, I’m proud. I’m myself again.  I’m a runner again and lifting weights. Doing it the healthy way.

Mix all this with a new found social life since I have nights off now and life really feels good. Feels right. Full speed ahead with lots more blog posts to go along!

Grizz game with Memphis pal Leah — who also once worked at WTOK in Meridian

 Best bud Jonathan came for a visit recently

Wine Tasting with Friends



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In Musings

By Lindsey


On 13, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Liberation. That’s truly what it was to understand this message.

My grandmother said those same words to me when I was 25. I was sad and felt alone even though I had a great family, job and friends. At the time she said them it was this time of year. We were walking through her back woods as we always did when I drove down for a weekend. My grandfather was a month away from dying of cancer. Her strength knowing she was going to lose her life partner showed me being alone was nothing to fear only something to embrace.

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