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By Lindsey

L & L Getting All Fancy Thanks To Hernando Rotary

On 10, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey


Lydia and Leona now have a new much more appropriate home. Gone is the small plastic cage they came to my home in almost a year ago. L & L, as my friends affectionately call them, now have a big, antique, brown bird cage.


I’d been looking for a while, but because many people like to decorate with the old cages you’d be shocked by what shops are asking for them. I’m talking around $300-400.


What?? My girls are special, but really? I found this one for much less at one of my favorite Mid-South shops. The Tin Roof Market on the Hernando square. Adorable shop.


Hernando is one of my favorite North Mississippi towns.

Hernando Info

The community has done a great job making sure their square remains vibrant with good restaurants, quality shops and lots of festivals that encourage the idea that the square is the center of the city/town. Same as a downtown in square-less communities. If you haven’t been to the farmers market there…you are missing out! Bought my favorite sweet & crunchy pickles there.


Turns out this is the same speech I gave the Hernando Rotary Club over lunch Wednesday. My friend Doug Davis, former MS state senator, asked if I’d talk to the group. Glad he looks out for a MS girl and helped me talk about my new job anchoring the morning show. Always trying to recruit viewers!!


For the record, I’m a TERRIBLE public speaker. I lose my thoughts, it’s all scattered and flows like my writing does, at times….total stream of consciousness. Anyhow, it was nice to meet the people there and tell them how much I love their town. They did give me a mug!! Used this morning at 4 am because its so BIG.


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