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In Travel

By Lindsey

The Single & The Pregnant in East MS

On 14, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey

I hate driving, plus I have a very unreliable car, so I haven’t made the trip down to Meridian alone since I moved up here. I’ve only been through when mom was driving. Normally, we only have time for a 45 minute stop, and usually that’s a flea market. Hadn’t even driven past my old apartment since I left a year and a half ago. Last minute I decided to go to a good friend’s baby shower in Philadelphia, MS and make a BIG time out of it.

With my new schedule I can leave relatively early on a friday and have a pretty full weekend so long as I’m in bed Sunday night by 8.

I rented a car. Drove down to Meridian on Friday. Had dinner with a best friend Tom Daniels at Weidmann’s.


Tom was the 10 pm anchor at WTOK before I took over the gig. He’s worked all over the country and is a forever friend with a similar view of life. A true joy to have one of those friends. Weidmann’s is a restaurant downtown that I’m thrilled to see is still experiencing great success. Even has a new amazing sign.


Dinner with Tom downstairs and then drinks with my friends upstairs. Jason, Patrick, Joshua, Krilecia, Lee and Chuck. Thank you all for spending time with me. I miss them. Plus, all my old WTOK who were there.




Even had a little post bar dance party to a favorite, The Cure — Boys Don’t Cry.




Lost my phone in the middle of all my dance moves Friday night and spent the morning searching for it. Before Joshua found it in the crack of the couch cushion, I spent the early morning hours of Sat. a little heartbroken and extra freaked out that I would never find my sweet sweet iphone 5 in its lovely aqua case. Lesson one of the weekend :: I’m obsessed with my phone and there is no turning back. Four hours without it and I felt very very low. Not sad. Just reality. Must not be separated from it again. Big thanks to Joshua, Krilecia and Patrick for helping me find it and not making fun of my very obvious emotional roller coaster.


From single friends to pregnant ones.

Leigh Allyn’s baby shower was adorable. She has such a supportive group of lady friends in Philadelphia. Pregnant women were everywhere. The shower was nice, but after was a treat. Pajamas on and wine in hand, for the non-pregnant ones. We just talked. Shared memories from our Delta Gamma years. I was with the two girls I lived with in the sorority house. Man, they know a lot about me. It feels good. Went to sleep that night in the middle of a king sized bed. My friend Shay on one side and Lauren, pregnant with twins, on the other, and she had the gall to say I was hogging the bed. he he he



Even had dinner with Jonathon in Philly


Lesson number 2. I seriously need a new car. As someone who has always said I hate driving, I sure enjoyed it. The big Chevy Impala glided down the road. Not even heavy rain ruined my positive thought filled journey as I enjoyed music playing from a car with modern amenities.

Lesson 3. I can’t go that long without going back down there. I love it and the people too much. Planning a spring trip now. By then my friend Tony Sansone’s azaleas will be out of this world beautiful. I thought about it as we chatted outside his house.


East Mississippi will always feel like home.

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