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In Travel

By Lindsey

Awake and Shocked on Vacation

On 19, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey

Good morning from Highlands, North Carolina!!
It’s 8:19 here and I’ve been awake for last hour and a half.


When I took the morning anchor position back in December I knew I was signing up for a life of 2:30 am wake ups, but didn’t realize I was also essentially setting my alarm for weekend mornings.

I’m the gal who was in a comatose state till noon sat and sun, well m-f for that matter.

Now, I’m with my boyfriend at his family’s amazing home in North Carolina wide awake. ( future blog will talk more about this beautiful scene and home. I’m having a sensory high.)
Matt is fast asleep as he should be. ( more on him in a later blog, too ) To pass time without a book, didn’t think I’d have time, I’ve been staring at him, successfully digging around in kitchen for a diet coke and eating a granola bar and now writing this quick entry. Poor Matthew is going to kill me. He keeps asking if I’m ok.


Nice view to be wide awake with, though, huh? I think I have another hour to kill then the house will start moving with the other couples here with us.

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