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In Travel

By Lindsey

Time Travel, Scary Historical Dreams, Shady Spots

On 11, May 2013 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey

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It’s as if Friday just doesn’t exist.

We got home from LA for our fantastic voice coverage Friday morning around midnight. I immediately went to sleep. Only woke during the day friday to eat something around noon and then went back to sleep. This magical unconsciousness lasted until this morning (saturday) at 11:30.

I had a lot of dreams during my slumber. I think that’s why I just kept sleeping. It was an amazing story line. I only remember two of the dreams that sort of blended into each other.


After the Voice house of blues party, as part of the big group of reporters and photographers, we found ourselves in the middle of a death investigation at a house next to the house of blues. We did our own bit of investigating and found it it was a suicide. An older man had shot himself. His widow came home to find him. ( I told you it was sad.) He had been in Germany post WW 11. His widow and I, together, went through some of his stored boxes. She had no desire to keep his boxes and I discovered he was in possession of some very special log books from the Stasi. Yes, my history was totally out of order. Still I was in total disbelief at the find. Next thing I knew, I was in my house in Memphis looking through the book. It was early in the morning and I heard something. Turns out it was a scary female in my house with plans to kidnap me. I told her she really didn’t want me. She told me she knew more about me than I would ever imagine. Then I woke. Wonder what she was talking about. Probably that I let Bridget drink out of the faucet.

Now that I’m a part of the world again I’ve been so thrilled at my yard. It rained a lot in Memphis while I was gone. It rained a lot in LA, too. No escape.

I’ve loved watching my yard develop in stages. I’ve lived in my house almost two years now. That’s two summers of planting perennials in hopes they would grow into a full bed. Honestly, I forget year to year what I planted and now just watch the beds get thicker and thicker with amazement. My roses are finally in bloom. Some black eyed susans I forgot all about will be blooming in just days. In the backyard the light pink climbing roses (that I can’t claim as mine) are starting to look just beautiful. Everything is a couple of weeks behind this year, so I’m never sure day to day what to expect.



I don’t mind spending money on plants but, since I rent, I hate to buy a bunch of yard furniture for it to just get nasty and then I feel compelled to move it one day, if I ever change houses. Can’t imagine why I ever would. I love it here.

Still, I grew up with a mom who created yard atmosphere out of every shady corner and brick she could find. We were outside livers in Long Beach and now she’s done the same with her new house in Stone County, MS. She’s never one to pay someone to develop a yard. With her it’s just organic. I don’t have the gift she does, but definitely have the desire she has.

This spring/summer I’m creating a secret garden in my backyard. It’s a bunch of found items. A cheap hammock with coastal stripes, a $3 side table, an old chair and LOTS of plants I plan to put everywhere. It’s really nothing special, but I love to sit out here. I’m writing in my chair right now. No one really knows I’m out here. My house was built in the 20’s and I like to think people walked around while it was being built and hoped someone would find a way to make all the corners and shady spots special. That they would really love it and I do.

As my facebook/twitter friends remind me – I’m always going somewhere. Having a long distance boyfriend and parents who live 7 hours away will do that! However, I’m so happy to have the rest of the day and Sunday here at home. I keep singing The Cure song, Home. I can’t find an actual video or song version to share but it’s beautiful. Worth looking up on itunes.

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