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In Music

By Lindsey

Kris and Sarah!!! VOTE! LA Highlights

On 20, May 2013 | No Comments | In Music, Travel | By Lindsey


I’ve never watched American Idol


America’s Got Talent….skills… moves – YOU NAME IT.

I just never get into it.

Until now.

Weeks ago my boss asked if I would handle our Action News 5 VOICE coverage.

Sounded simple, but boy, this has been an adventure. If you haven’t watched it, it’s a hit NBC show that this season features two Memphians. We started with 4 Memphians on the show, but Grace Askew and Patrick Dodd went home during the earlier rounds.

These are our amazing 2 remaining :

– Kris Thomas

A 28 year old who grew up singing in his dad’s Memphis church. He later attended The Stax Music Academy, was actually one of the first graduating classes from the academy. He has a crazy diverse range. If you heard him sing without looking, you might think he was a female. Wildly impressive.

He has a huge smile. When I met him in LA (the station sent me there two weeks ago to cover all the action LIVE outside the studio) I was so impressed with his genuine kindness and fun spirit.


– Sarah Simmons

She may have grown up in Birmingham, but she PICKED Memphis as her school home; she’s been here four years. She attends the Visible Music College downtown Memphis. Her friends there just love her and I do, too. When I first heard her version of  “One of Us” I was stunned into silence. Just wonderful.

Tonight both of these singers will take to the stage again to ask Americans to vote them into the top eight. Voting starts at 8:55 central, that’s when the two hour show is over.  The results will be announced tomorrow at 8pm. I’m so impressed that Memphis has two contestants in the top 10 – can you imagine if they both make it into the top 8. Fingers crossed…….

It’s funny how into this show/story I’ve gotten. I guess that happens when you cover something for over a month, interview their family, church members, school mates, neighbors EVERYONE! If they had pets I could find,  I’d try to include them in the stories.

Anyhow, if you haven’t watched give it a try. Cheer on our Kris and Sarah. They really are special talents thrown into such an insane situation. Win or lose they have huge futures ahead of them.


I never wrote about the LA trip.

It was so thrilling and exhausting that I came home and slept for like 36 straight hours. I finally came back into the world with my cat, Bridget, staring at me. I think I was within hours of being eaten. (we’ve all heard the stories)

We were live in LA out of an NBC live truck.


On the red carpet after Kris & Sarah moved on


I worked with some very talented news folks from producers, talent to photographers. I learned a lot and had the time of my life. I went with Action News 5 photographer Matt Youmans who had never been out there. I had been to LA, but didn’t do any of the studio tours or even drive through Universal City, which is where the show is shot. Driving into Universal Studios every day was surreal. Movies and television shows were being filmed there. Golf carts zoomed in every direction, but it seems all the big names were driven around in dark mysterious suv’s. I’ve never been into the famous types or celebrities, so I considered the whole process hilarious and entertaining. It’s like watching how the other half lives.



Plus, I forgot how beautiful Los Angeles is – when can I go back? Well, maybe soon if Kris and/or Sarah keep wowing Americans!!! Can’t wait to see Kris and Sarah and all that amazing bougainvillea. Loved my room and the view.


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