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In Musings

By Lindsey

Help From My Friends

On 28, May 2013 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey


Ok ok …. It’s cliche, but I am so lucky to have a wonderful work family.

It hasn’t happened in a long time, but Monday morning I almost fell out during the news. Meaning – I was standing on air when I just couldn’t stand anymore. My blood sugar dropped. I have no idea why. It was a classic case. Hadn’t happened in over 10 years.

I mean, heck, I’ve run two marathons with no problems.

Anyhow – this was the worst I’ve ever experienced and almost included live pass out. The morning team knew just what to do. Calmed me down and got me up and moving again.

Thank goodness for them caring for me as a friend and not just a co-worker.

Just needed a little help from my friends….

Yes,leading up to my next post.

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