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In Music

By Lindsey

My VOICE love note

On 29, May 2013 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


It’s been a crazy – fun ride. My news director’s request that I follow Memphis contestants on The Voice at first sounded crazy. I don’t typically watch these talent type shows, plus my music taste is fully developed, but not exactly suitable for popular interest. Turns out it wasn’t hard, though.


I got so wrapped up in our Memphis singers. Pictured above are our last two.

Kris Thomas who made it in the top 10. Eliminated last week.

Sarah Simmons getting in the top 8. Eliminated last night, Tuesday.

We started out with four Memphis singers: Sarah, Kris, Patrick Dodd and Grace Askew. Pictured below.


This coverage totally changed my schedule –

My boss sent me all the way to Los Angeles to cover Kris & Sarah. I had the time of my life there. Not only was LA just beautiful, but we were in the middle of it all. Even on the red carpet doing live interviews that aired here in Memphis!! How cool!! Now I know why everyone wants to move out west.






I was very shocked that the combination of Sarah and Judith Hill went home last night because I do think both are stronger singers with more unique voices than Holly, who was saved, but then again, it is a tv show, and I’ve learned that country music fans really vote for their favorites.

The only good news from this is that I’ll get a lot more sleep now. For the last month, I’ve anchored my normal morning show ( in at 3:30 am ) and also went back to the studio to cover the voice live on the 10 pm news on Monday & Tuesdays, after the performances. Great idea and I loved it, but man am I sleep deprived.

Returning to my normal 8 pm bedtime will be so refreshing!!!

Can’t wait for Sarah to get home and talk to her about the voice since she was there as the competition got even tighter. Who does she think will take it all? I’m betting on 16 year old country singer, Danielle Bradbery. Her songs blow up on iTunes every week and she’s just so stinking adorable.

My favorite remaining singer, though, is the quirky Michelle Chamuel. She’s authentic and totally being herself. While in LA she and I talked indie rock instead of voice stuff. She even later emailed me to ask my current favorite bands. Real deal cool. I mean she wears menswear pants with plain old black loafers. Legit.


Plus, on YouTube she has these homemade electronic mixes. Though, don’t mistake the quirkiness as a coverup for lower talent. She has a fantastic voice.

That’s the voice for me. I’ll miss texting back & forth with Sarah and her momma. I adore that woman. Plus, that Kris Thomas. What a class act. Can’t wait to track Kris & Sarah!! Thanks to the both of them for bringing me/our viewers along for the ride and trusting me.

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