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In Musings

By Lindsey

Why not closer???

On 05, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Musings, Travel | By Lindsey


I get way too worked up about the experiences of those I love. Oooh it makes me worry; I just just want them to be happy, but I knew when I looked over the table at my lil bro licking his already meat picked rip bones I’d done good. Yes- good.

It was his first trip to Memphis, and he had to have some of the BBQ he’s heard so much about. Glad he liked. There is plenty more here!

Mom, dad and Steven made the seven hour drive for a short weekend. I loved my time with them from football to hot wings with beer. I wish they lived closer but I suppose that’s life. I’m lucky Memphis is driving distance.

My favorite thing is waking up early with my parents and grabbing coffee and hitting yard sales. Mom and I fight over linens ( fo real ) while dad inspects all the goods….then there was Sunday lunch. Fried chicken in my granny’s cast iron skillet, Mac & cheese and sweet corn. Ahhhh Until next time….






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