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In Musings

By Lindsey

What A Feeling !!!!

On 20, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey


At the Flashdance musical last night they were raffling off this 1995 Ferrari Convertible. Hot right? I got to go to half the performance last night. I left during intermission because 2:45 am just doesn’t allow for full shows.

My goal the last year has been to make the best out of life. Crappy work days are days I’m lucky to have and involve a job I love. How many times do we hear it. “every day is a blessing”. We all know it’s true, but if we aren’t careful our fatigue, routine and circumstances make life fly by with little to say for it. That’s why when one of our producers – the ever creative Jeremy – asked if I wanted to do some big scene in a musical coming to Memphis I said, sure – why not…. not even knowing what he was talking about, knowing he wouldn’t ask me to do something inappropriate ( I think).


Turns out it was the big water scene from flashdance the movie, where the main character uses a chair as a prop and dances all sultry around it and then pulls a chain and water pours allover her. When I realized what I’d agreed to I did think – eeeek this is going to be interesting. That’s exactly what it was. I was to perform the routine and then show it on the news as promotion for the actual show’s run.

The link for my final story
Explains water mechanisms
Introduces the crew

When I got over the embarrassment of standing on a high platform and learning the dance moves from the 19 year old lead actress who had on the most amazing tight lycra pants ( must have been American Apparel ) I actually found the simple moves fairly similar to my typical solo dance. You know the one you do when you are home alone and happy? I call it my cure dance.

Still, I only had one shot at the routine with the water, and my nerves were making me sweat. Mixed with the fact that I hadn’t had time to eat lunch, I was afraid the heat was going to make me fall off the platform and on top of the amazingly talented actress who had a show to do the next day!

I was so desperate to stop embarrassing myself on the platform that I cut off rehearsal time and said – let’s do this!! Then the most amazing thing happened. It was a mix of euphoria, exhilaration and joy. Within seconds of starting my one shot at the routine, the water started spraying at me from the floor. The coldness felt wonderful. I was under no misconception that I looked cool, but I still loved the instant relief.




If I’d said no, I wouldn’t be able to think back at that feeling. Sometimes it just pays to say yes. Why not? I get to do so many cool things thanks to my job! No is rarely an option.

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