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By Lindsey

Fantastic Music Friday / MGMT & 80’s Surprise

On 22, Nov 2013 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey



This past Monday it seemed all of Memphis was abuzz with excitement over the Justin Timberlake concert. Whatever. I get it. Am I am a fan? No. It’s just not my kind of music. I didn’t like the backstreet boys either ( was that his boy-band?) Still, do I appreciate all the positive attention he brings Memphis? YES! Anyhow, I digress.

So, while everyone I know was putting on a bow tie I was thrilled and looking forward to seeing MGMT this saturday at the Orpheum. It’s my turn!! I’m even taking mom with me, who happens to have been in town with me all week. I doubt she stays interested in the show long, but it will no doubt be a fun evening downtown. This is hardly the fist time I’ve dragged her along to music shows.

I admit I drifted away from MGMT for the last two records. Still, Oracular Spectacular instantly takes me back to 2008. I was a young professional just starting my news career. I felt absurd and incompetent. What a time of high emotion and excitement. MGMT has released two other records since, and I’m sure after tomorrow I’ll look into them, but for now I’m eager to feel like it’s 2008 again. If you’ve never much listened to them, I’ve attached links below. They are good. Extremely impressive. Plus, member Andrew VanWyngarden is from Memphis. His dad is the editor of the Memphis Flier, what a cool dad. I don’t think this Memphis native Musician gets enough cred for being appreciated worldwide.

Time to pretend

Electric Feel


Now, I asked my mother what she’d like me to include in Fantastic Music Friday since she’s here with me and happens to be a huge music person. She chose Captain of the Heart by the Swiss group Double ( Kurt Maloo), and I have to agree it’s excellent. I’ve always loved this one. If you don’t instantly know how the song goes just click on the link. You’ll remember it. The instruments, keys and melody will make you melt in the only way songs from the 80’s can. This one came out in ’86. What a nice year that was. Mom thinks he’s cute; I do too.

Captain of the Heart


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