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In Travel

By Lindsey

It was all there

On 01, Feb 2014 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey


This weather has been insane. I really don’t mind changing in and out of spring/winter clothes, but my head can barely handle it. Today was one of those days. It was almost confusing how nice it felt. Add in the sun and I forgot where I was. Drove to Oxford to visit with two college friends. One has a one year old daughter who I finally got to hug!!! The other friend is expecting her first baby late spring; Clearly there was a lot to talk about. I’m just thrilled for both of them. Baby Audrey was a doll. The picture at the top was taken in Square Books Jr. My first time in there. So many books and toys! A child’s dream.

I had this strange memory follow me all day. I was a Sophomore at Ole Miss. It was the kind of winter day just like we experienced today : warm, sunny, breezy. I got on my bike and peddled to the Oxford library and spent hours sitting by the window reading books about container gardening. I remember how good it felt looking forward to the days of all the colorful flowers and spending hours outside. Today I drove most of the way home with my windows down. Spring is coming; I can feel it…just in two months and with several cold weather days ahead of us! Days like these offer hope, though.

Along with the nice visit and quality Oxford square walking I found some neat books to keep me busy this week. Never talked about it on my blog before, but I most easily fall asleep to non-fiction. Specifically that of the Russian Revolution, Stalin, the gulags and Hitler. Oddly enough, I don’t really have nightmares. I truly can’t get enough of it. My best bet for sleep aid is listening to an audio book because I can keep my eyes closed. Alright, I’ll wrap this up before I reveal my true obsession with sleep. Who wouldn’t be obsessed on this AM schedule.


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