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In Music

By Lindsey

War on Drugs :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 16, May 2014 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


The name is definitely memorable. The music is just outstanding.

War on Drugs is a Philly band that a musically inclined friend of mine told me about a couple of years ago. Actually, she first gabbed endlessly about the group’s former partner Kurt Vile. ( for good reason) I first dove into Vile and, as always happens, I wanted everything he had done or anyone who was remotely associated with him. Thanks to that I discovered a band that just keeps putting out good music. In my far from sophisticated music words, War on Drugs has a big song 80’s vibe mixed with the best kind of Americana ( maybe a little Bruce Springstein, at times). Though, you’ll notice what is already a fantastic song from the beginning turns into something quite special a minute or so later. Just really special music.


Lost in the Dream

“Under the Pressure “ from Lost in the Dream
The is one of the prettiest songs I’ve EVER heard. It’s just amazing.

“Suffering” from Lost in the Dream

“Disappearing” from Lost in the Dream
So lovely – just let it go

Slave Ambient

I Was There

Best Night


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