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By Lindsey

Beez :: Beez

On 28, Oct 2014 | No Comments | In Musings, News Biz | By Lindsey

You ask most reporters what they enjoy about this job, and I guarantee most will mention the fact that we are always doing something different. I think of it as each day being an opportunity to learn something new or be exposed to something new. It can be subjects, places, things or people.

Today it was a person.

I interviewed Dr. Marla Spivak the Director of the University of Minnesota Bee Lab. Her life has been spent studying bees and their health. Decades ago when her interest in bees took off, she had no idea there would be a point in our existence that her expertise would become a critical matter. My study was about how bees are dying in great numbers. Dr. Spivak says we can all help by providing bees with a more nutricus base. Flowers!! She wants us to plant more flowers. It almost feels surreal to talk about a serious problem that can, at least partially, be solved by adding beauty to the world. She has my vote.

Clearly others find her amazing. She even did a TED talk. It’s had almost 2 million views.

She was one of those unique people living a life completely of her choosing, so it seems. A bit eccentric in a brilliant way. The lab was surrounded by vintage bee/honey kitsch.

It was decorated with preserved/dried bees and scientific bug books. It felt like a creative display in an anthropology store.

Today I feel inspired after spending time there.






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