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In Musings

By Lindsey

I actually love it!

On 08, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey


It might be the only kinda funny skit they ran on Saturday Night Live last saturday. I’ve found the show’s humor to be a bit desperate in the last few years, but Matt still likes to turn it on out of habit, or that’s the excuse I make for him. Along with the skit making fun of the newly opened building to replace the one we lost to hate filled terrorists, the actors also made fun of people being shocked to find they like a Taylor Swift song. I did giggle.

Well, I had my moment tonight with Paramore. The insanely cute/beautiful red headed singer Hayley Williams is from Meridian, Mississippi, where I lived 5 years working out of college. Her dad owns a custom car sound shop in Meridian. She went to school down there until she made it big and my goodness did she. Before now, her music wasn’t what I typically want to listen to, but tonight I realized “Ain’t It Fun” is by her! WOW It’s so catchy with a sweeter sound than any of her previous songs. I actually love it! I’ve always been impressed with her ability to find a unique voice and fill huge arenas across the world without support from music magazines and blogs. At least the ones I read. All this while appearing to keep a low profile.

Go Mississippi girl!!

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