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By Lindsey

Imagine if I’d worn lipgloss! The horror.

On 07, Dec 2014 | No Comments | In Musings, News Biz | By Lindsey

I’ve edited out this woman’s name and picture. I prefer to think she was in the middle of a temporary psychotic breakdown.

In the news business we are open game for internet trolls. No hard feelings. I know everyone won’t like me. All on-air folks get bizarre attacks on our looks and talent.

Still, this is the meanest most vicious and shallow attack I’ve received to date. Thank God she hasn’t seen my behind. No doubt she’d be accusing me of having a buttocks injection. Nope, it’s naturally plump, too.


Let me say, Minnesotans have treated me like gold . There is this hateful email, but I’ve received dozens of welcome notes from the people up here.

I think what bothers me most is that this woman wanted to attack my femininity. Wanted me to feel inappropriate, all the while I’m on air buttoned up so conservatively in my dark brown blazer that I could pass for Murphy Brown. Then there is the “our” state and humble brag “plain home folks” comment. Where does she think I’m from? Nantucket? Last I checked South Mississippi is as down home as it gets?

Enough energy on her. Sorry, sister. My giant lips aren’t going anywhere.

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