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Wedding 2015

By Lindsey

Food – Fashion – Fun = TCL

On 06, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In Musings, News Biz, Wedding 2015 | By Lindsey


While the host of Twin Cities Live is on maternity leave, some of the reporters and anchors from the KSTP-TV​ news department have been filling in for her. I’m not used to talking about food, fashion and fun on TV. News, by nature, is so serious. Anytime I get too far into leisure topics I start to feel like I’m about to get in trouble. Since I needed some natural topics to talk about,  the sweet TCL crew did an entire segment on wedding dress trends with the editor of Minnesota Bride magazine​. This is one of the publications I’ve been using lately for inspiration. The pictures and landscapes used for bridal photos are just stunning. This dress pictures is actually a two piece. The picture is Steve asking me if I would wear a crop top dress for my ceremony. What came from me was a resounding no!


This isn’t my dress, but I showed viewers a picture of my long search process.


Oh, I also included a pic of my favorite segment – ever –  Valentines cocktails with sparking rose. I think the picture says it all. The 4:30 pm broadcast after TCL was fantastic this day.


TCL is such a well done show. It is detailed and full of fun information for men and women and lots of different ages. I’d love to do it again! Especially if there are more pink drinks.

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