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By Lindsey

My Early Morning Valentine

On 15, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In Music, Musings, News Biz | By Lindsey


It’s hardly the most romantic sound, but it’s loud and raw yet still amazingly calming. I’ll be anchoring weekends for a while. It’s a very different schedule. I’ve anchored early mornings and weekends, but this is a weekend split shift. Meaning – work friday – then both AM & PM newscasts on saturday and the early news on Sunday. So, there’s very little sleep over the weekend. I’m the first to say. I NEED sleep. Without it I wake up with crazy red dragon eyes. It all hinges on the drive to work in the morning darkness. Soothing tunes don’t help – loud does, and with it being Valentines Day weekend – My Bloody Valentine was appropriate.

(Listen) My Bloody Valentine — Only Shadow (Watch)

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