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In Music

By Lindsey

Fantastic Music Friday — Singing in the shower

On 27, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In Music, Musings | By Lindsey

This morning I’ve been moving incredibly slow. My alarm went off no less than 11 times. It started to get on my nerves which is the only reason I finally got out of bed. I’m working the night shift tonight, so I’m really in no hurry.

Still in a nice fog, I started singing in the shower. Nothing loud. Maybe not even out loud. When I realized what I was singing, I couldn’t believe it. Where did it come from? How did it get in my head? Had I been dreaming about 1995, when I was 12. Regardless, it was good. It was good in 1995. It’s good today. I immediately told Matt because he’s one of the only people who seems to be transported back in time by these mid 90’s songs like I am. Then I turned it on. The joy of the passing of 20 years is that Amazon Prime has it free now for Prime Users. Wow – talk about freaky time warp, considering I would have listened to this song over and over back then by recording it off the radio on a tape. Remember the rush to hit record after you had been waiting hours for it to play? That’s the first way I could listen to The Cure’s Mint Car. I recorded it off the radio, 97.9 WCPR to be exact, but because I hit record a second too early I caught the DJ give Mint Car a dramatic introduction. Now I listen to the song and in my head say Mint Car the same way he did that day. It happens every time. It’s beautiful.

Back to the shower. I was in a mild funk when I woke up. For no reason other than the fact that I never like waking up. I think my sleep is deeper than for others. It has to be. I never want to leave it. The song has turned me around 100 percent. I’m still in a slight haze, but it’s a good place in my mind. It’s full of creative angst.


What my ears heard

Disclosure: I never listen to the words just the jazzy/electro mix. They might be considered “not for a younger audience”, though no one was too concerned when I was turning it up at 12. Still, I do not endorse the words/message. I’m usually the first to cry out against songs with violent undertones, but this has more of a historical context as in the listening habits of children from the 90’s.

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