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Wedding 2015

By Lindsey

A kink in “The Knot”

On 30, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In Musings, Travel, Wedding 2015 | By Lindsey

It’s been one of those simple tasks that shouldn’t be this hard!! I know you know what I’m talking about. It can be mind blowing.

I started a free (yes, nothing is ever free) wedding website through “The Knot”. I just needed a place that our wedding guests could visit to see information about the church and venue, places to stay and fun things to do while visiting the Mississippi Coast.


Clearly I’m mildly web capable. I have this blog. I know how to buy things on the web, no doubt. However, Matt and I have had problem after problem with The Knot. It’s been CRAZY. Store registries disappearing from the site and not allowing me to attach them back, getting locked out of the site, then not being able to get anyone on the phone. It’s not that it would just ring and ring and ring, but it would pick up with immediate sales messages, giving us a chance to win a honeymoon or something I didn’t want, and then you’d have to punch a number on the phone to speak to a representative, but it’s all so confusing, I spent 30 minutes trying to get through and never did! I don’t think it’s possible to reach a human on the other line. I seriously think their wedding websites are just a ploy to gather sales information through your registries added to the site and then sell it. That’s fine, but at least answer your phones and offer properly functioning website – then I gladly give you my information. I should have researched all of my options more.

Who has time to write real blogs when you are fighting with all this!


Get how I finally was able to get my website fixed – Facebook! I messaged the company. It took a couple of messages, but it went a lot faster than the phone and email. Social media is nuts. I wouldn’t use “The Knot” for your wedding website. Look for an updated blog eventually when I find a better company. I’m researching it. Will definitely be one of those “wish I’d known” lessons from the wedding planning experience. Oh well. It’s up and working now in enough time for our guests to get the information they need to make for a fun weekend.

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In Music

By Lindsey

Waxahatchee’s Air – Fantastic Music Friday

On 17, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


First of all singer Katie Crutchfield is from Alabama. The name Waxahatchee is a tribute to her home state. (my state of birth) It’s apparently a river or lake there.

The song “Air” with her vocals and the constant drum beat pull out an emotion few songs have since the 90’s.


The delivery of the lines below is perfect.

“You were patiently giving me every answer as I roamed free”

“You were patiently giving me everything that I will ever need”

LISTEN – Waxahatchee, Air










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In Musings

By Lindsey

Cornbread Mystery

On 15, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Whole Foods makes great food. It’s pricey, but tasty. No denying it. I wish it was terrible.  There’s one just down the street from us and even though it almost makes my credit card spontaneously combust, we still walk there several times a week. Usually we go for ready-made food that we can easily take home and transfer to plates. You know, at least feel as if we played role in it.

Their cornbread, though. I’m sure it’s very good, but am I the only person who thinks it looks terrible and just weird? When was the last time your mom made cornbread that looked like this? It’s a Texas company!! Don’t get me started on the $4.39 per chunk of it.


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