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In Musings

By Lindsey

Weekend in the Sun

On 03, May 2015 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

It’s in my possession and it’s kinda scary! My wedding dress is hanging in my closet. In fact, our closet is so small that it’s taking up the entire space. Fitting for such an important garment.

I’m at work and I sure hope Matt doesn’t lose his cool and go look at it. I made him promise not to, but still I worry. He doesn’t seem to understand the idea of waiting until wedding day to see it. How did he not get that memo?


Can you tell I put extra layers of plastic garment bags over the actual dress bag? Matt and I walked in to pick it up and before he even knew which direction to look towards, I noticed you could slightly see through the top portion of the cloth bag. It gave it away!! Can you imagine. After all this work to keep it a surprise, the bag is essentially sheer. Hated to put plastic over it, but it saved the occasion.

While we were out picking up the dress we went through one of my favorite places in Minnesota. Stillwater is right on the St. Croix River and just outside the metro. It reminds me of home. A mixture of Mississippi, Arkansas, and North Carolina. It feels peaceful and wholesome.  Turns out Matt feels the same way. We both enjoy living downtown, but sometimes you just want to be out of the city. Last time I was there the top layer of the river was frozen. This time you couldn’t go a minute without seeing a boat speed through the water. Id’ never seen a lift bridge like this before. I posted a picture below.  The vertical lift was fascinating to watch, but can you imagine being one of the cars waiting on either side? It was a long wait, but at least the view was stunning.  The winter was very cold here (no surprise) and now that the weather is warm and sunny, I almost feel manic. I want to be outside and doing something non-stop! Waiting for me at home right now are dozens of plants. Matt and I may live in an urban apartment, but with all the green I’m about to put on our porch in pots and hanging baskets, we’ll both feel right at home.



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