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In Music

By Lindsey

“It’s Still Moving” Along

On 27, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In Music, Travel | By Lindsey

It’s the Friday after a full week of work following an amazing seven work day vacation.

Just by reading that, can’t you feel it? I know you can. It hurts. A little physical, but mostly mentally. Actually, I’ll go so far as to say emotionally. I love traveling. I’m better at nothing more.

As blessed as we all are who have jobs, especially ones we love – as I very much do, it is still hard to return to a day of constant concentration and routine when you’ve enjoyed the opposite. In fact, for me I first spent six days in San Fran and Wine Country for my bachelorette weekend. (I’m drinking a glass of the red I stashed in my bag right now) After that Matt and I flew down and celebrated our engagement with our friends and family in Griffin, Georgia. A fantastic party. What a dream week.

(Just look at my handsome fiance. I’m posting more about the party soon)


Monday instead of heading to a perfectly manicured eco-vinyard in lovely Sonoma I was on the train to work. It’s not the idea of work that was painful. I think it’s the lack of immediate inspiration. When you travel everything is new, different and thought provoking. Plus, in tourist destinations everything is perfectly attended to that one is constantly absorbing beauty.

Trying to put a positive twist on my attitude I tried to use my vacation glasses during my normal day. Within minutes I saw these flowers on my less than exotic walk to my corner gas station by the station for my tall-boy diet coke. The yellow and purple/pink flowers had taken over what could have been an ugly concrete expanse. I smiled. It had worked. The mind is a powerful tool.



Matt is marking his last few months as a single man with his friends in the North Carolina mountains. His favorite place. One of mine as well. I’m alone this weekend in the Twin Cities. Just saw My Morning Jacket is playing here tomorrow night. Ironic. I’ve had Steam Engine on the mind for the last month. Around 1:03 the guitar takes me come close to tears each time. I like to think if I was able to make music, I would want it to have the same haunting mix of beauty and energy. It’s something special.

I can’t believe that song came out in 2003. As good as the first time I heard it. Real music. His voice. I’ll be there. With the college kids. Invisible. Just how I like it.


Listening to it always reminds me of the last time I saw them. In Memphis. At Memphis in May. It was hot as hell right there on my favorite river. Had no idea I was standing next to people who would eventually not be strangers. What makes life fun.


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