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In Musings

By Lindsey

Bridget is a lucky lady….

On 30, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Believe me, I love my iphone. It’s great. It’s always with me. Though, this from Fox News is hard to imagine?

Survey: 54% Say They’d Save Cell Phone from a Fire Over Their Cat

Which would you save in a fire: Your phone or the family cat?

A surprising survey by Motorola found that 54 percent of respondents would save their smartphone over their cat if a fire broke out.

Motorola’s survey, conducted online by KRC Research, included more than 7,000 people in seven countries – the United States, Britain, Brazil, China, Spain, Mexico and India.

The survey also found that one in six smartphone users take their phone into the shower with them, and 26 percent would give up sex for a weekend as long as they didn’t have to give up their phone.

Yet only 39 percent of respondents said they were happy with their device.



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In Music

By Lindsey

Courtney Barnett :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 24, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Music, Musings | By Lindsey


Months ago, when I first heard Courtney Barnett’s “Pedestrian At Best” I wondered how in the world I had missed this in the 90’s. Then I heard it way too many times for it not to be a cool new thing.  This single was blunt and fascinating. The rest of the album is full of surprises like the beautifully unexpected Depreston, that I can’t get enough of on these summer days, and the spunky An Illustration of Loneliness with its great grungy guitar. By now I think most know her sound. Think she performed last weekend at Pitchfork Fest. I wouldn’t know, I never get to go because it’s always during our July news ratings period. No complaints, I’d much rather be employed. #ilovemyjob #minnesotasummer

Thank goodness for the Twin Cities Current Radio. If not for them I would still be listening to my favorite songs from 2006 and 2011. Those have been my favorite music years since the 90’s and I go back to them every time Taylor Swift comes on the radio, which means every 10 minutes.


(PS if you have amazon prime, the mp3 album is free for you! )

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In Music

By Lindsey

I’m Popular – Fantastic Music Friday

On 17, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


Nada Surf.

What a funny moment you created this afternoon.

“Popular” came on the radio. It’s one of those first couple of seconds that hits you immediately. Next thing I knew I was on my bike, cruising down Northwood Drive in Long Beach: my walkman blaring.


What I really did, though, was hit the scan button in my car. The horror!!!!

Matt freaked out. He was yelling. What had I done? It was gone forever!!

You see, I thought it was already on scan so I pressed the scan button again to stop it, but it wasn’t on scan. For about 10 seconds we lost the middle school angst anthem! Calm resumed once we found it.

Maybe we should just go ahead and buy it off i-tunes.


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In Design

By Lindsey

Lilly Throwback Packed

On 15, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Design, Travel | By Lindsey

I love a good adventure. I’d say most of my vacations and trips aren’t relaxing. They are about seeing new things and getting as much in a day as possible. When it came time to pitch ideas for a honeymoon, Matt and I first were thinking of complicated, exhausting trips that would send us across the world. Perfectly fine, but it finally hit us. No. We don’t want to be in a hurry, we don’t want to wake up early, figure out public transportation or lug around rolling bags. There’s plenty of time for that. We are going tropical!! No obligations to see the must see attractions. Instead, we’ll eat, drink, sleep late, go for walks in the beach, and sit under umbrellas with the Caribbean breeze keeping us cool.

We want this to be easy – breezy. No make up and no hair drying. Still, I’m looking for cute resort dresses that can be rolled up in my bag, are light and breathable.

In my search I found this adorable vintage Lilly Pulitzer dress with lime and pink with some cute little shells. Just imagine all the exotic trips it’s gone along with through the decades. They just never go out of style. Ladylike is always in style.

Lilly-2 lilly-3 lilly-4

Picture is from etsy.




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In Travel

By Lindsey

July 4th in Wisconsin

On 10, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey

I’ve spent July 4th in plenty of different places. One of my favorite memories is the summer of 2002. This sun lover was lying on the warm French riviera sand. I was shocked out of my college-aged daze when a blast of patriotic music roared through the street behind me. I’d been over there a month. I didn’t expect my patriotic songs! Could it be? It sure was with our beautiful red white and blue flag whipping in the wind. My right hand flew to connect with my heart. I felt so proud. So thankful these Americans or fans of our beautiful country put on a show for us.

This was another amazing fourth celebration weekend.


Matt and I loaded up the car drove across the state line into Northern Wisconsin. Living all the way up here in Minnesota has been a strong lesson that our country is vast and complex. We’re a long way from home, but on the 4th it didn’t matter that we’ll always call Georgia and Mississippi home, this is too is our home.

We are thrilled to have found our “home away from home” at Stout’s Island Lodge about two hours away from the cities. It’s only open from spring to fall because it’s on a small island in the middle of a lake. It feels wild there. The flora and fauna are unlike anything on main land. Bright color in every direction. The grass as green as could be.  It was built in the early 1900’s by a family with a lumber fortune. Pictures show me it was just as magical then as it is now. Landscaping that looks like it just grew up looking wild, colorful and exotic. The rooms are decorated with period furniture with wood burning fireplaces. The lodge has looked just about the same since 1915, and smells like thousands of roaring fires it has hosted through the decades. Thank goodness at least some things can stay the same. Fingers crossed we can make one more visit before the season ends.

stout-11stout-6stout-23stout-21stout-24stout-20 stout-19 stout-18 stout-17 stout-14 stout-13 stout-8 stout-12 stout-7 stout-6 stout-4 stout-3 stout-2stout-27 stout-26 stout-25 stout-24stout-30

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