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In Musings

By Lindsey

Back to Basics, as Ina says.

On 20, Oct 2015 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

Wow, it’s been a long time. I’ll say this, getting married is overwhelming, amazing and crazy!  In fact, we haven’t slowed down in the last month since the wedding! (It was on 9-19-15) It’s been so fun and I have a lot to write about and share of our wedding weekend and the honeymoon, but I need to be removed from all the fun for just a bit longer to really put the amazing experiences into words. It still feels surreal. What I do know is that Matt and I are in need of a serious detox. I use detox in a very broad way. We are just getting off what feels like a month long trip of excess, and it was all good.

“Lindsey, want a piece of cake.” ME: of course, maybe two.  “Another bottle of Negra Modelo” ME: keep them coming.” That’s about how it went for a month. Matt would say he’s been healthier but no way.

We’ve eaten, gone and done just about everything we’ve wanted, so beginning tonight we are scaling it back a notch. We started with a very healthy and humble cabbage soup.  The plan is to eat it a couple of days and really get our $10 out of it. We’re still using our pretty placemats and linens, though! Makes it feel special.


I know a lot of couples probably live the high life the first year of marriage with Julia Child and all that fancy stuff that we love, but after several years of long distance and courting, we’ve had our share of extravagance. We are taking this first year and getting back to basics, as our favorite lady Ina Garten says.

Here’s the recipe we used. High reviews. So much flavor for so few ingredients. PS we didn’t include meat. I didn’t want it, but Matt thinks it would have made it even better.



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