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By Lindsey

Richmond, Virginia Inspiration

On 03, May 2016 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey

The speedy fast trip to Richmond, Virginia was all about baby William and his Christening ceremony.

4-28-16(cell) 927

He is Matt’s Godson and this was our first chance to meet the bald little 6-month-old gentleman. Matt went to college with William’s father and I really enjoy Hatcher and his wife Megan. This is their first child. Through our engagement, Megan was pregnant at all of our events, so it brings a great smile to our faces to see William laughing and smiling!

We are just smitten with this little guy. In fact, once we were on the plane back to Minneapolis we wished he could have come for a quick trip with us! I’ll say this, we’d have to make a rush trip to Target for diapers and formula.

4-28-16(cell) 928

4-28-16(cell) 937

The Christening was just stunning at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. A large cathedral with a soft mix of gold and muted blues and grays. The colors even felt a little French to me. It was a beautiful moment for all of us to reflect on little William and his family.  The city was surrounded by azaleas at a point where we were struggling to get blooms in Minnesota. Matt and I couldn’t help but soak up the sunshine and flowers. We needed it!

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Later there was an unexpected highlight to the quick weekend. While most of our crew was taking a quick post-church nap, Hatcher’s father, a life long Richmond native, took us on an amazing tour! He pointed out as much as he could on the two plus hour car ride where we’d hop in and out to see the attraction ranging from Early America happenings to locations important to the South’s Civil War capitol city. It was such an amazing day! The White House of the Confederacy, The Tredegar Ammunition Site and Museum and the most impressive Hollywood Cemetery where my fellow Mississippian, lawmaker Jefferson Davis is buried, along with many other CSA generals and soldiers. It’s an intense experience.

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The quick trip was so inspiring and exciting that mom and I decided THIS MORNING that we are changing our fall plans and doing an entire Virginia trip. We were going to explore parts of the East Coast, but now it’s all Virginia. I’ve been to Charlottesville several times and now Richmond, but there is so much more to see. Stand by as we plan! Send tips my way if you think of anything!!!!


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