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In Music

By Lindsey

Some Other Live Music For Distraction

On 08, Jun 2016 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


This video starts around :31 with a song I was designed to love, called “TV Girl”. The entire new Wild Nothing album – Life of Pause – is delightful. The KEXP video is a treat to watch. I’m actually using it to distract myself from a real music issue I have to figure out. My opinions on last night’s Cure concert in St Paul. I’m having a hard time putting my feelings to words – written or verbal. They are intense feelings.

I love the Cure. I always have. I love songs that no one else loves. Though, last night for the bulk/middle of the show Robert played songs I don’t love and have never loved. I mean “Wrong Number”?? Just why? There were so many other options. So, I’ll keep watching this Wild Nothing video as I form my thoughts. I don’t want this to be my last Cure concert, but that was very pricey for a disappointing song selection and pacing slumps.

The Citypages music writer/blog really summed it up for me on the day after.

The headline:

“The Cure at Xcel: Rare Twin Cities show wowed diehards, wore out everyone else”

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