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In Musings

By Lindsey

Bastille weekend for us means fries and bernaise

On 18, Jul 2016 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

We were all reminded last week that Bastille Day was upon us.

I’d always found celebrating the holiday here in the US to be a sweet thought ever since I studied abroad in France during the Bastille celebrations. We took the train to France and pretended we were a part of it all. We certainly looked the part – wine glasses in hand and the colors of the french flag covering us. Back in 2002, I didn’t know anything about the holiday, but have since learned the history and the significance of the name. A fascinating history.



Meritage Sunday Patio

Last night we found ourselves hungry with no clue what to do. The night was lovely with plenty of sun and a very comfortable breeze. It hit us. Let’s go French. Meritage in downtown St Paul is just outstanding. It’s such a classy spot that is just casual enough to make a sunday dinner feel leisurely. What a perfect patio. We almost had it to ourselves by the time I took the picture.


Fries and bernaise sauce


Can you tell how happy Matt is after his escargot

I’m all business with the fries


We really enjoy Meritage, but also are so sad that its sister restaurant Brasserie Zentral and the next door bar Foreign Legion closed in downtown Minneapolis. Thank goodness for Meritage, though! Hope you all found a way to get outside and enjoy the weekend! Here in the Twin Cities we are about to get a heat wave. Bring it!!!


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