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In Music

By Lindsey

Fall Again

On 15, Sep 2016 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

The weather is already becoming ever so fall like up here.

It’s not overwhelming, but it is noticeable. Spring takes forever to follow the calendar, but fall moves right in with Labor Day. Truly remarkable for me, a person who dreamed of those movie-like Fall scenes of leaves falling, crisp breezes, fresh paint on school walls and those blue skies during outside cheerleading practice. I remember walking around the downtown of my first market in Mississippi dreaming of mysterious and romantic falls.  We get it up here. If I had my choice it wouldn’t really take hold until October, but it’s here. If the already bright maples aren’t proof enough, my music taste is more folksy. Matt accuses me of not liking music anymore. That’s not true. I might not like it as loud as I once did, but there is no better way to usher in change than loved songs.

My choice of the moment on replay.

Andrew Bird – Lusitania. Female is St. Vincent. (she’s not my favorite, but he often is)



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