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In Musings

By Lindsey

Taking a Break

On 14, Jul 2017 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

* Heads up, the already poor pic in this post isn’t looking good on mobile. Sorry!

I’m sure you’ve seen the cruel posts of younger people taking pictures of older people doing strange things, even normal things or in one despicable case, taking a picture of a mature lady nude in a gym changing room. That is not what this is. I observed this older man today while I was waiting at the car wash. He inspired me. I smiled watching him across the room. Don’t worry I wasn’t weird.

First, I saw his full sleeve of ritz crackers with that tell tell brown wrapping. Next, he pulled out several slices of simple yellow cheese that he then, of course, put on those delicious buttery ritz crackers. He had grapes with him just for something sweet.

It was 11 AM on a busy Friday morning, but this man wasn’t hurried or even bothered by all the people walking around him or the car wash machines revving up. He set up his snack right on the stool next to him. I didn’t want to stare. His break was just so lovely. Where a lot of us jam too many things in a day all in the name of multi-tasking, this man wasn’t just trying to fit this moment in while he waited for his car. He found it to be the perfect moment for a great snack. Not sure if you follow me on this. You see, he took a plain old boring wait at a car wash and turned it into a joyful occasion. I didn’t capture his face out of respect, but he was happy. I’m not talking beaming or anything , but he was content and quite satisfied. I took a couple of deep breaths and remembered life is meant to be lived with simple joys. It’s up to us to take advantage of every minute and make them special and make them count. You don’t need an elegant picnic setup to enjoy cheese and crackers.



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In Design

By Lindsey

It’s out of here! All of it. Give me back my home.

On 05, Jul 2017 | No Comments | In Design | By Lindsey

Like most kids raised in the 80’s and 90’s I like my stuff. I get a great surge of energy when I buy that new/vintage item that promises to make my life complete. I would not consider myself an obsessive shopper, but I certainly find ways to convince myself that unnecessary products are more needed than they really are for me. I know I’m not the only one, but I do realize now is the time to get rid of it.  As much of it as possible. My stuff is spilling over in every way possible. My closet/our spare room has become a dangerous space for me as I could trip any moment on a coat hanger or old skirt. That’s scary while my shoulder is still recovering from surgery. Can you imagine my anger if I hurt my arm again from tripping on junk. It’s mostly clothes. Not just any clothes. Work clothes. Clothes I bought to anchor and report that instead only made me look frumpy, boring or the worst inappropriate, while rare.. Unfortunately, I often didn’t realize these qualities until after I snapped the tags and wore it on air. Now I have perfectly clean, wearable professional clothes stuffing my closet and reminding me of wasted money.  I don’T mind giving things away, especially to charity, but this is just too much stuff and mostly brand new. So now I’m on Poshmark. (like ebay but just in the US and really just for clothes and accessories) I’m very new and just learning the lingo, you know like, poshers, share and host pics? How it works is that I can just load up all my work dresses and then people across the country can look into my closet and buy them (hopefully). I’ve made a few sales, but want it all gone!!! I’m so desperate that I took some of my meager earnings and bought myself a mannequin off ebay. You know what they say: spend money to make money. It’s about to get crazy in our house. I think it was just delivered today while I’m at work. It’s sitting at the door waiting for me. Where in the world will this potentially scary person stay in our house. By the way, if you are interested in getting rid of some of your nice stuff you can use my code (   UKMUF  ). By using it you will get $5 off your first purchase. Not that buying is the goal, but I dare you not to buy a couple of things. There are some super deals on here on very quality items like cocktail dresses you will eventually need. Sign up with code UKMUF to save $5

I wish I’d done this. If I’d known I could have saved 5 bucks!!!! Learn from me!

A work friend also recently gave me a whole bunch of vintage jewelry that he wasn’t sure what to do with. I kept a lot of it to wear on air(no one would even knows it’s vintage), but what wouldn’t work on the news,  I’m selling on poshmark. Like this beauty! I’ve been doing a lot of studying on collectible costume jewelry! What a fun world. I’ve always been a casual collector of things that spoke to me, but now I’m learning the history of pieces I don’t even like but know someone will!!

Speaking of stuff I do love….this signed Mariam Haskell long pearl and broach set that I’m hoping doesn’t sell: It’s quite the treasure. Can’t you just imagine it being worn back in a more elegant time.

For now, at least, Matt’s getting a kick out of it. He enjoys watching me work my side hustle even while I have a perfectly fine and time consuming full time job. He even identifies some of my items that he things could go up on the site. Good thing I have final approval! I’ll post some of my items on here every once in a while so I don’t waste his time by talking his ear off about it. Eventually he just stops listening. For now it’s fun!

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