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In Musings

By Lindsey

Super Bowl 52 Fan

On 08, Feb 2018 | No Comments | In Musings | By Lindsey

What a slow and boring week it has been compared to last week.

Super Bowl 52 was something to see. I miss it! Matt says I have a serious case of “Fear of Missing Out” otherwise known as FOMO. I got to be a part of just about all of our KSTP broadcasts super bowl week and I still had FOMO. All week we were live outside US Bank Stadium (didn’t it show great on TV)  and along Nicollet Mall for the Super Bowl Live festivities, so we definitely saw everything. There was the momentum before the game and then the pride I felt during the game.

We’ve lived in Minnesota three years now. You should have seen me jumping up and down all day Sunday as NBC showed aerial shots of the cities. Over lunch I squealed to the waitress, “Oh my God, that is us.”She being a lifelong Minnesotan looked at me with amusement, but you couldn’t deny how cool it was to see the city covered in snow and ice and beaming on the tv across the country and beyond. Finally my friends and family in the south got a good look at Minnesota in the winter and with the big lights pointed at it.

Yes, standing outside last week in the single digit temps was hardcore and painful, but unforgettable. I’m not even a football/NFL fan but I drank the cool aid. By the way, my toes are still thawing I think. I imagine the same could be said for all of our visitors!

The station had a post Super Bowl taco lunch yesterday. I made two plates to go with a very content smile.

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