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By Lindsey

Kris and Sarah!!! VOTE! LA Highlights

On 20, May 2013 | No Comments | In Music, Travel | By Lindsey


I’ve never watched American Idol


America’s Got Talent….skills… moves – YOU NAME IT.

I just never get into it.

Until now.

Weeks ago my boss asked if I would handle our Action News 5 VOICE coverage.

Sounded simple, but boy, this has been an adventure. If you haven’t watched it, it’s a hit NBC show that this season features two Memphians. We started with 4 Memphians on the show, but Grace Askew and Patrick Dodd went home during the earlier rounds.

These are our amazing 2 remaining :

– Kris Thomas

A 28 year old who grew up singing in his dad’s Memphis church. He later attended The Stax Music Academy, was actually one of the first graduating classes from the academy. He has a crazy diverse range. If you heard him sing without looking, you might think he was a female. Wildly impressive.

He has a huge smile. When I met him in LA (the station sent me there two weeks ago to cover all the action LIVE outside the studio) I was so impressed with his genuine kindness and fun spirit.


– Sarah Simmons

She may have grown up in Birmingham, but she PICKED Memphis as her school home; she’s been here four years. She attends the Visible Music College downtown Memphis. Her friends there just love her and I do, too. When I first heard her version of  “One of Us” I was stunned into silence. Just wonderful.

Tonight both of these singers will take to the stage again to ask Americans to vote them into the top eight. Voting starts at 8:55 central, that’s when the two hour show is over.  The results will be announced tomorrow at 8pm. I’m so impressed that Memphis has two contestants in the top 10 – can you imagine if they both make it into the top 8. Fingers crossed…….

It’s funny how into this show/story I’ve gotten. I guess that happens when you cover something for over a month, interview their family, church members, school mates, neighbors EVERYONE! If they had pets I could find,  I’d try to include them in the stories.

Anyhow, if you haven’t watched give it a try. Cheer on our Kris and Sarah. They really are special talents thrown into such an insane situation. Win or lose they have huge futures ahead of them.


I never wrote about the LA trip.

It was so thrilling and exhausting that I came home and slept for like 36 straight hours. I finally came back into the world with my cat, Bridget, staring at me. I think I was within hours of being eaten. (we’ve all heard the stories)

We were live in LA out of an NBC live truck.


On the red carpet after Kris & Sarah moved on


I worked with some very talented news folks from producers, talent to photographers. I learned a lot and had the time of my life. I went with Action News 5 photographer Matt Youmans who had never been out there. I had been to LA, but didn’t do any of the studio tours or even drive through Universal City, which is where the show is shot. Driving into Universal Studios every day was surreal. Movies and television shows were being filmed there. Golf carts zoomed in every direction, but it seems all the big names were driven around in dark mysterious suv’s. I’ve never been into the famous types or celebrities, so I considered the whole process hilarious and entertaining. It’s like watching how the other half lives.



Plus, I forgot how beautiful Los Angeles is – when can I go back? Well, maybe soon if Kris and/or Sarah keep wowing Americans!!! Can’t wait to see Kris and Sarah and all that amazing bougainvillea. Loved my room and the view.




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By Lindsey

Early Bloomers and Those “Still Standing” :: Weekend with Sir Elton

On 18, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

We had busy and slow. Sunny and overcast. All over a weekend that was all about going to see Elton John Saturday night, a concert that almost never was.

Can you tell how sweaty we were? Goodness the body heat.

No point in posting a pic of the concert – we were way too high up

I got a station email late friday saying Elton had canceled a concert in Birmingham that night. My boyfriend was in the air – on his way to Memphis as I read it. We each had our list of lifetime favorites we’d stayed up way too late ( 6 pm for me) talking about on the phone like high school kids, though I doubt they are up talking about Elton John these days. We’d probably be better off if they were.


Funny thinking that both our parents saw him in the 70’s

40 years or so later so are we

Apparently he just needed a night to get rid of his stomach bug because we were in the nose bleeds dancing in our seats and shaking our shoulders with thousands of Memphians. I had most wanted to hear Bennie and the Jets. I can’t help it. That slow piano start always makes me feel so jazzy. Matt most wanted to hear some songs off Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. When we’d talked about it, I dismissed his choices thinking Elton would only play the major – major crowd pleasers. It was Matt’s lucky night. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road is celebrating 40 years this year and Sir Elton was quite eager to go down memory lane and subsequently down that yellow road. As a music lover it’s beautiful to see someone else as happy to hear songs.


When he started Funeral for a Friend Matt was thrilled! As eager as I was to hear Bennie and the Jets, I ended up most enjoying Philadelphia Freedom. I’ve always liked it but I think it was just the laser stars bouncing around the forum that took me over. As a side note, it was a joy to see the forum packed with such a slice of life across age – interest – race – taste / everyone was happy as could be to see this larger than life figure playing the piano in his red bedazzled tunic that looked to have just arrived from India.


Other than that Matt and I ate good food and enjoyed my porch.

I’ve been getting my yard ready. I’m taking my time. Only planting obvious spring bloomers. It’s so hard to not go crazy at once.

I’ve also been playing with some recipes. This was parmesan chicken and mustard roasted potatoes with a simple arugula salad and lemon dressing. I’m no chef, but I like to eat and play with my pretty kitchen items I’ve been collecting forever. Springtime (almost, at least) makes the prettiest light in the house, doesn’t it.

Dredging Success

Spring is all about linens for the Brown ladies

dressing to match the tablecloth

Big thanks to my neighbors Leigh & Donna for letting me cut some branches

Goodness what pretty colors!!!

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By Lindsey

lights, electronics and a late night :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 25, Jan 2013 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


So….when I moved to Memphis I told myself I would take advantage of the bands that do come through the city. We don’t get a ton of the type I like, but over the last 8 months or so we’ve been lucky. Beach House, Wild Nothing (a fave) (twice), Japandroids, Future Islands (love), My Morning Jacket, Sharon Van Etten with Damien Jurado, Flaming Lips and Band of Horses. No complaints here. Though, with my MASSIVE life change, now anchoring mornings-waking up at 2:30 am, it takes A LOT of pre-planning if I’m going to catch a show.

Purity Ring played Thursday night at the hi-tone.

From the website, A heart is a spade


It’s a male/female duo from Montreal.

I was fascinated by what the male was up to during the show. It was so packed :: I swear every hipster from Oxford and Little Rock made the trip, so I had to stand on a chair in the back stretching my neck to watch his interesting work. The male does all the light changes (which are awesome) does all the mixing and also plays with the female singer’s vocals. The result is a very ethereal sound with cool beats, and I don’t talk about beats all that often, so this is good haunting stuff. On the album it’s a little creepier than live. No worries. Good both ways. I did listen to the album all the way down to Meridian two weeks ago. Sounded great in my rented impala. Still fighting the urge to get one :: it sounded so good.

To make the night of music happen I went home and went to sleep for like 5 hours then went to the show at 10, and got two more hours of sleep after the show. So, in total, just as much as I normally get. I’ve turned into a crazy sleep counter. I know how much I need and work constantly to organize it.

Now, since the show I’ve learned their electronic kit deal on stage is custom made (by the looks of it that’s obvious) and the female singer apparently makes a lot of their clothes. She’s got the whole — beach house — hair thing going so she looks a little like a baby doll with dark hair.

Official Video from Pitchfork :: little graphic and strange ::

All in all a fantastic Thursday night of music, though with a tragic twist. It was probably the last show I’ll see at one of my favorite places ever, the hi-tone. Oh well, all good and bad end.


If you want to see them they play friday (tonight) in Nashville.




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By Lindsey

Playlist for the Fall :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 05, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey


It’s no secret my favorite season is fall — for many reasons. Maybe because it’s the season of my birth, maybe because I always loved being a cheerleader in high school and standing on the football field feeling the cool night air on my neck, maybe it’s a result of tv shows/movies showing me as a kid what fall looked like in other parts of the country. I may not be be able to trace it, but the season has become romanticized in my memories. The thought of pumpkins, spice, soup, acorns, family, and lazy days make me so happy.

Some people are more seasonally oriented. I’m one of them when it comes to perfume and music. I just the other night finished my fall playlist. It’s not a comprehensive list — just the one I made for myself this year. Had a blast writing it out — it’s a mix of old and new, happy and sad just like the autumn memories they all represent.

Fall 2012


Yuck – Stutter, Rose gives a lilly
Stephen Malkmus and Jicks – Animal Midnight, ramp of death
Pavement – rattled by the rush, grounded
War on Drugs – entire slave ambient record
Spoon – don’t you evah, the underdog, my lil japanese cig case,
Andrew Bird – the apocalypse
Apostle of Hustle – national anthem of nowhere
Broken Social Scene – water in hell, Been at it so long
BSS Spirit If (kevin drew) – Lucky Ones
BSS Something for All of us (Brandon Canning) – Churches under the stars, possible grenade
The Clean – In the dream life you need a rubber soul
Belle & Sebastian – Mornington Crescent
Cracker – Low (my youth)
Elvis Perkins – Sleep sandwich
Fleetwood Mac – Over my head, hold me (soundtrack to leaves falling)
Whitest Boy Alive – records dream and rules
Generationals – feuille verte
Sea & Cake – Car Alarm
Gillian Welch – Revelator (listen at your own risk – tearjerker)
Hospitality – sleepover
John Maus – Hey Moon
Land of Talk – hamburg hour, quarry hymns
Liam Finn & Eliza Jane – Honest Face
Lucinda Williams – car wheels on a gravel road, drunken angel
Neil Young – tell me why (or any other)
Beck – all on seachange especially ” end of the day” all make me boo hoo

** also listening at the moment to new Sea & Cake record called runner. Could be a new fall favorite.



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By Lindsey

“Back in 1989”

On 29, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey



There have maybe only been like 2 times I’ve turned friends on to new music.

It’s not that I don’t talk about music a lot, clearly I write about it all the time.

It’s just that most of my close friends are already music freaks and ::

1. already know about the music I would tell them about


2. Decidedly don’t like the same music as I do

So, my level of influence is very small. Tuesday night, though, I helped a friend discover a new favorite band and I feel like a million bucks.

This was a facebook friend on lindseybrown-news I had never met :: An Action News 5 at 4 viewer. I simply wrote (a lot, I guess) about this band I adore called “Wild Nothing” coming to play in Memphis for the second time in two months. I’d first heard them in April while roaming England alone for a week. It was playing in this sweet vintage dress shop on the southern coast. Thinking I was discovering some new (to me) British indie band, I asked the cute little shop girl who it was. Can’t think of a better souvenir to take back to Memphis with me than a fun new band. With the name scribbled on a piece of paper in my purse — I found some wireless and looked them up.  Turns out they aren’t British at all. They are actually from what some might consider the south :: Virginia. I don’t consider Virginia very southern, but for the sake of claiming them in this blog I’ll make an exception.

Having never heard them :: a facebook friend I had never met showed up and enjoyed the show. He took tons of photos and even snapped one of me glistening with sweat after dancing around alone for an hour.

Yep, that’s sweat :: and crows feet I was unaware of, though I always like women with wrinkles. Adds character?


After the show he said, “It’s like I’m watching the cure back in 1989.”

Oh, my heart skipped a beat. This dude knows nothing of my mild obsession with Robert Smith since age 12. If I’d gone without cure level stimulation since ’89 and one night randomly stumbled into a show where the music even remotely reminded me of it, I would be so very happy.

With Tim and looking 12 :: (note to self) angle hides crows feet.


I suppose it’s a little obvious to compare any synth-laced — dream pop to the cure, but this guy meant it and said it with such excitement and thrill. I’m so happy for him! Plus, I happen to agree. Wild Nothing’s songs make me just as giddy as I got while dancing around my bedroom to “inbetween days LISTEN” Sure, they aren’t the only ones replicating the sound, but as more and more do it and do it right, I’ll love them, too. Pitchfork just today gave their new album an 8.3. Mighty impressive. For comparison they gave the much loved Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix an 8.5 back in 2009 and who doesn’t love dancing to that one?

So, here’s to Wild Nothing, my forever love robert smith, his hot make-up, dancing alone at a small bar, my boss letting me work day shift so I could go, Tim finding a new band, wearing a floral dress with my bulky boots and feeling like I’m 20 again — until next time.

I even bought a t-shirt with the album art (below) on it. I don’t even wear t-shirts.


By the way, the band’s newest album NOCTURNE just came out tuesday. The title track is as sweet at pie. Album download just $9.99 on amazon. Click HERE to listen to my favorite on this one.


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By Lindsey

Fantastic Music Friday :: Interpol & Summer’s Tight Grip

On 17, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

Hold on to it best you can.

Her mystery, unique sounds and dark nights will be gone for another year soon.

I know it’s still hot as hell in my parts of the deep south, but my memories tell me it’s all fading.

I’m sitting on my porch a little longer. Really listening. Really making sure this summer makes a mark in my memory of summers long gone from me.

I can listen to Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights, Leif Erickson specifically and remember what these hot nights are all about. Remember listening to the record over and over as I drove from Long Beach up to Oxford for the return to school. Remember going to the Interpol concert alone the summer I interned in Tampa. Met some interesting Colombian fans and joined them days later in Orlando. Why Orlando? It was only an hour away. I don’t know. I was 20. At 25 and a wee bit heartbroken all I could do was walk, so I put my cd in my disc-man (yep old school – only 3 years ago – have I ever told you how many ipods I’ve lost) and walked walked walked the quiet neighborhoods at night. Got pretty fit in the process.  This record has followed be through summers the last 10 years. It came out in 2002, August actually.

So, this blog starts my final internal push to save summer.

Enjoy Leif Erikson with me. The dark :: haunting vocals are best with moonlight.

LISTEN :: LISTEN :: LISTEN     – Around 3:12 my heart breaks every time. In a good way.


–as a side note. The song “untitled” on this same record is so amazing I can’t even write about it. Listen and fall at your own risk.





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By Lindsey

Magic Summer Sounds

On 14, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

Beach House and Wild Nothing played this week in Memphis. I was off. I got to go. I was so happy. Happiest old girl in Memphis. Smiling and dancing night away. Wild Nothing was bright and poppy. Beach House ever so dark and moody. All so intense.


Beach House


Wild Nothing
When I heard at a little vintage shop in Brighton, England I swooned. Then in Memphis :: magical.


My best friend and birthday boy visiting




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By Lindsey

Phantogram :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 01, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

Girls (and guys) across the globe are obsessed with sexy crap music singing chicks like Katy Perry (sorry if that offends you :: I do like when she had/has blue hair) and all the others whose names allude me. I’d like to offer a sireny songstress that could possibly replace those chicks in your playlist.




It isn’t new, but since this is Fantastic Music Friday I’m just sharing with you what I’m listening to at the moment.


I know, right? Can I please be her. Terribly cool on the keyboard with her misty haunting voice. Her partner is quite smashing as well, but she definitely steals the show. She reminds me of a less harsh Lisbeth.



If you haven’t listened much to phantogram, both records I have :: Eyelid Moves and Nightlife :: are a joy. Here are some links to videos. A song per album. Oh and enjoy them at Bonnaroo. Wish I could go. Have a rockin weekend brothers and sisters.

DON’T MOVE (live recording :: amazing :: real talent :: not just producers playing on computers)




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By Lindsey

Memoryhouse :: For Your Summer :: For Your Heart

On 29, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

By now most of those who read my blog know my music style, for the most part, I guess.

It’s normally going to have a dreamy :: ethereal quality to it. I’m always so delighted when I find a new band that feels so perfect it’s as if the songs were written by a dear friend who knew exactly what would touch my heart and carry me along the road on whichever adventure I’m on at the time.

Memoryhouse is that. They aren’t my friends; I’m sure they are cool, though. They have to be. From what I read they never set out to be a band :: the singer with the amazing voice was/is a photographer and apparently it just happened. Now they are on Sub Pop. The way that happens with naturally creative people is just fascinating. So inspiring it makes me think that maybe if I picked up a paintbrush it would turn into a career….though, the summer I decided to create my own stationery company with aluminum foil taught me this just isn’t the case for this talentless creative.

The songs drift in unexpected ways. They switch tempos using a fun assortment of instruments and gadgets. The steel guitar scattered through the record is a treat and perfect for summer. The singer’s voice is so nice :: when I sing along I pretend hers is mine. Made for an amazing ride from Little Rock to Memphis this morning (monday). What’s interesting is that I can hear the other options they could have gone with when composing the songs. Some might want them to be even more upbeat :: I can certainly hear how they would sound in my head. Though, I like them just as they are. I think the restraint offers a purity that I appreciate. Speaking of that drive from Little Rock to Memphis :: this record is the only thing that got me over the Mississippi River Bridge into Memphis. I get so panicky on bridges. I’ve almost been here a year and this trip was the first time I had to be the person driving over it. I’m talking cold sweaty hands and light-headed. I just turned the music up really loud and focused on the center lane.

Some extremely high points on The Slideshow Effect which came out in Feb.

All Our Wonder 

I had so much fun singing the lines below over and over. The “we’re not the lucky ones” took me forever to get right.

“No more silencing me :: We not the lucky ones. We’ll never be the lucky ones.”

The Kids Were Wrong 


Fast with a bit of groove splashed in. A superb dancer. Around 3:16 you hear the groovy bits I’m talking about. Fantastic.


Really nice. I love…”Lie on the ground before the lightening strikes. Just don’t drown in the flood.” At 3:20 it is just wonderful.

Pale Blue

“we’re not alone”

** plus they were touring with Washed Out. Another fave. Good stuff all around.


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By Lindsey

My Morning Jacket Memories :: More Background Than You Wanted

On 04, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music, Musings | By Lindsey

I love stories. I love it when people tell me stories. So, it’s only right that I tell my own as simple and everyday as they are. They are mine. To me they were profound moments. That’s all that matters.

Music is the biggest storyteller I’ve ever found. Smell is pretty big, too. Though, right now we are focusing on music. I’m not talking about lyrics, but what we were doing when we heard those songs :: when we experienced them. How they made us feel. How they changed us. How we will never forget what went through our core when we heard them.

My Morning Jacket was heavy on my rotation in 2006…I was actually still using a discman then. Late adopter, what can I say.


It was February. The week of Valentines Day. I’d just graduated that January. Moved back to Oxford after realizing I couldn’t live in Long Beach until I found a job. For a couple of reasons : the coast had just been hit by Katrina 5 months before. It was the most depressing place I had ever been. My hometown didn’t look like the place I knew. Everyone there was sad. I was sad.

I was even more down in the dumps when my college boyfriend broke up with me because of the 6-7 hour-long distance. I reached the point where I couldn’t watch another episode of law & order, so I packed a couple of outfits and my walking shoes, of course my discman, and drove back up north to Oxford where I lived with my best friend who was still finishing school.

The ex-boyfriend, who I still adore with his pretty long hair, was living there. He didn’t want to have to see me. I didn’t have a job. My career as a reporter didn’t seem to be panning out. College was over and I was at a loss. 22 and no clue what to do.

I can’t find very many pictures of that time

This is one I did find :: that walking sure was good for my figure.

Your girl even had a little tan. So little make up. I like her!!

The only way I knew how to deal with all my emotions was to walk. I walked a lot. I walked at night for hours at a time. I walked when it was icing and raining. My two albums for the journeys:  My Morning Jacket — It still Moves and Z–(I think there was some Flamming Lips, too). I figured out, so long as I didn’t run or bump around, I could put one cd on top of the one playing, so I could always have a 2nd cd to play.

The songs were haunting, dark, and long. They were just as emotional as I felt. Jim James is the real deal. That voice isn’t assisted. Plus, he’s a Southerner with a good head of hair.

Those albums walked me all the way in to Azalea time. By then I’d found a job working in a restaurant. Made precious memories with my best friend/roommate and healed my little broken heart, hey, I even met a new love (which has its own set of albums).  I’ll never forget dancing with Kate Taylor to records in her bedroom or singing Belle and Sebastian with Mitch Morgan.

By the time the hydrangeas were showing their colors, I had a REAL job offer as a reporter in Meridian, Mississippi. My difficult time aided by music was over. It was time to be an adult or at least think I was one!

That’s what I’ll be remembering Friday night when they perform at Beale Street Music Fest. I’ve never seen them. Most of my friends have. I don’t get done reporting until about 10:20 and they play at 10:50. My goal is to get dropped off outside the park and make my way to the stage. Who cares if I have to make a two-hour presentation Saturday morning at 9. Rock on.



Steam Engine :: still makes me cry. Good tears. 

I will sing you songs :: great live performance 

Dondante :: from Z

Lay Low :: happier. More azalea time listening.


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By Lindsey

Craft Spells :: Party Talk :: Fantastic Music Friday

On 04, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

It’s Friday. The start of a BIG weekend of MUSIC here in the Bluff City. Memphis in May kicks off tonight with Beale Street Music Fest. My plan is to get my photographer to drop my off so I can see My Morning Jacket at 10:50. Who knows how I’ll get home. I’ll figure it out.

With all of this said, let’s get the party started with a lovely piece of music you can sway to. Craft Spells :: Party Talk is perfect. Of course, plenty of synthy-fabulousness. Enjoy xoxo



Party Talk

A live version :: this is some good dancing 

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By Lindsey

Beach House in Memphis :: Oh My Word

On 02, May 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey

My music friends started tweeting me this morning. When I finally heard enough alerts from my phone, I rolled over sleepy eyed and got the best news from them.

Amazing, dreamy, synth-laced band Beach House is coming to Memphis!!!!! I’m already dancing around my house in celebration. What’s great is that they maintain the same strong vocals and vibe live. It doesn’t get lost as happens at times.

The show is Thursday July 12th at Minglewood Hall.

I can’t take off work that day because it’s part of our TV ratings period, nor can I leave early, but I WILL be there. I might catch the last two songs, but I’ll be running in.

By the way, Beach House has a new album out May 15th. A friend somehow managed to get their hands on a copy of Bloom and I’m here to say it’s amazing.

Bloom Design


My favorite is “other people” Just as sweet :: dark :: dreamy as all their other stuff. I haven’t stopped listening since I got it. If you love Beach House you will be so happy.

If you don’t know them here are a couple of really great ones.


Lover of Mine 

Other People :: My favorite NEW one

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By Lindsey

Wild Nothing as I wander around

On 12, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Music, Travel | By Lindsey

Getting dressed for trip to Bath. Feeling a little reflective and dreamy. Good mix for traveling. Listening to…..Wild Nothing.


Can’t figure out how to properly post link with my iPad. Doing the best I can. Pretty satisfied with my on the road blogging. Easier than I expected. These iPads really are amazing and almost necessary for traveling. I’m always checking addresses and travel sites….thank you Design Sponge!!!! Anyhow the link is below….tell I’m feeling dreamy?? Xoxo



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By Lindsey

Fantastic Music Friday :: The Cure :: Robert Smith

On 06, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Music, Travel | By Lindsey

I leave tomorrow for my trip to England. Sorry I keep writing about it, but hey, it’s my life and it’s what I have going on. In keeping theme my Fantastic Music Friday post features my all time favorite band THE CURE  from Crawley in the South.


I know we all have memories of The Cure. Well, I guess my older friends would. I was 12 when I first heard them.

My first taste was Wild Mood Swings which came out that year. Mom and Dad bought a used copy for me from Bebop Music by Edgewater Mall in Biloxi. I thought it was such a cool place. It was right on the water and all the music posters made me feel kinda edgy. You know what I mean. Kind of the same way it felt to wear a ying yang necklace. Or am I the only one?

I eventually figured out the songs were quite different from theirs from the 80’s and early 90’s. Still, I couldn’t get enough of them. I became obsessed with Robert Smith. Maybe it was all a joke, but there was something to it. I had a huge poster on my bedroom door. It was full color so his makeup was very harsh. My poor mom just didn’t get it. She still rolls her eyes a bit. He’s just hot hot hot (listen), yes, a reference to the song I use to always request from our top 40 station on the MS coast. I can’t believe they played it. It was just unlike anything I had ever heard or could find. I looked and looked and now am still mostly pulled to music with an electric feel with synthesizers. I’ll be 80 dancing around and snapping. Those who have seen me dance know exactly what I’m talking about.

I love all cure records. I could post links to so many, but instead, I’m going to assume you’ve heard them, but that most of my friends never gave this record much of a chance. Here’s your opportunity.

The Cure :: Mint Car :: listen

I recorded this song on a tape from the radio. I heard this one and I thought this is exactly how I feel about life! I mean, come on, the first line is, “The sun is up I’m so happy I could scream. There’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be.” It might as well be called the happy song. This version is a cute little live version. Nice to watch Robert.

The Cure :: Strange Attraction :: listen

I still know every word in this song. I love it. I can’t listen to it without getting all dramatic and pretending like I’m acting out a play. You’ll see. It tells a very clear story of lost love.

The Cure :: Numb off of Wild Mood Swings :: listen

Numb is about addiction. It’s sad. It’s strong. I was so young to feel all the things it made me feel.

The Cure :: The 13th :: listen

The 13th is such a playful little tune. It’s a dancer. We are now transported to South America. We are sipping cold drinks and dancing. You hear it? I can only find a live version on youtube, but it is something amazing, especially for this time of year. Don’t you just love the horns! A great climax, too.






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Fantastic Music Friday :: Transparent Things

On 16, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Music | By Lindsey Brown

Fujiya & Miyagi’s Transparent Things

I’ve listened to this song for over an hour straight on several occasions.  It’s dancy. It’s trancey. It will help you usher in the weekend.  I’m visiting my bff in Nashville this weekend. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my cute little leprechauns.

Give it a little listen

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