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Getting Married

Update :: We got married on 9-19-2015 It was a blast. We were married right off the Gulf of Mexico in Gulfport, Mississippi. Just miles away from my hometown of Long Beach. Keep reading down this page to see the long and tiring process of planning a wedding. I can say in the end, we loved every minute of it!

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The engagement process

Life in Minnesota

Life in Minnesota – Minnehaha Falls

Wedding Planning Marathon

We are starting our married life in the Twin Cities way up in beautiful Minnesota. It’s an adventure for the both of us. First, we have to get married, though! I’m in serious planning mode right now.

The wedding is set for Gulfport, Mississippi in September. We are thrilled to celebrate on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where I grew up. Matt is from Georgia. We are both close with our families, so this will be a great opportunity to bring all our loved ones together.

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Update :: February 27, 2015 :: Friday

Lots of love to my hard working fiance. Today was his last day of work before he moves up to join me in Minneapolis. I know he’s going to love it up here, as I do, but he has a great group of friends, colleagues and family down in Griffin, Georgia who he is going to miss terribly. I’ve been sending all my love down south to him. All of our Griffin friends have been incredibly supportive as he makes this GIANT life change. We will be down there often, no doubt. Those folks know how to party. Plus, it’s home, just as he’s adopted Mississippi for me.

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