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In Design

By Lindsey

My kind of food review :: Acre Restaurant

On 10, May 2012 | No Comments | In Design | By Lindsey

Foodies hate me.

Well, I really don’t know if they do or not. I do know we have totally opposite goals when checking out new eat spots.

The food at Acre Restaurant in East Memphis ( 690 South Perkins :: south of Poplar) was outstanding, though that’s not what I took away from my dinner there. The renovation work they did to the building/old house style structure is outrageous. I’m talking stunning.

My friend Ellie chose the spot. She knew I would oooooh and ahhhh and I did, the whole time.

I thought it felt very Northern Cali wine country. She thought more mountain resort.

They mixed the natural woods (and lots of it) with very bright whites and creams. It all blends into a very natural palate that still has a sense of contemporary glamour. The bar has to be one of the prettiest I’ve seen.

My pictures just don’t do the place justice. I’ve sorta stopped taking photos of my food because they always make it look unappetizing. Instead, I snapped some shots of my fave part :: the design.

Acre’s pro pictures on their site are so much better, though they web wouldn’t let me copy them…

so check them out HERE

Ellie, a Memphis native, has been so kind to me since day one of arriving in Memphis

Here’s a very public thank you!

Didn’t they just nail their entryway?

Aren’t these chairs lovely

So many different textures with the wood

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