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Bath England in a week ::: bit of a back story

On 31, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Travel | By Lindsey and Kiara

Isn’t there always a back story?

I’ve been working a new job for eight months now. It has been full of just about all highs, but truth told, I need a mental break. I still plan to think and absorb colors, smells, ideas, but not think about the time, what my story will be for 10 pm, if I know how to pronounce every word for the hour long show I anchor, if my outfit will look good on tv or if my hair is working (it rarely is).

Instead, my biggest decision will be where to eat and if I want coffee and dessert. Just what dreams are made of in this life I live!

Here’s the kicker. This will be the first time I’m traveling alone. There is a bit of a back story to this that makes me feel a bit like Bridget Jones, so it’s worth a little tale. England wouldn’t have been my first pick on where to go this year. I’ve been to England and want to see some other places, you know, in case I’m tragically taken from this earth too early. I don’t want to get jipped. But….an old boyfriend, who I met on a previous travel,  moved there recently. I thought…hum…I’ve always wanted to go back, the last time there I was 17, and there is no easier/cheaper way than to have a place to stay for free, plus he’s only living there temporarily. He was in a new city and thrilled to have a friend to show around. Until…two months ago he got a girlfriend. This is a guy who is terrible with women so I didn’t even plan for this. He didn’t remove me from the situation :: I removed myself :: awkward!! So, now I’m going to England alone!! I’m not worried about him; he’s stuck with me as a friend FOREVER. Anyhow, I’ll see him for dinner, instead I have the chance to do everything I want to do on a trip and truly have a personal/inspiring experience.

I’ll be in London most of the time, but I am going to Bath for one day. Shame, this is the part of the trip I’m most excited about. You see when I was there at 17, I fell in love with the feel. It felt so light and alive to my never outside the south self. I remember standing outside the flower drenched hotel telling myself, “one day you will come back to this beautifully romantic place with your husband.” HA HA!! Not that I necessarily wanted a husband, but I guess I thought that’s just what would have to happen by the time I came back. hum….cute/naive/lovable little 17 year old Lindsey.

Who in the world is that brunette? 
Mom made a scrapbook after our trip in 2001
It was all so green and pristine 

Telling ya I was mesmerized by the flowers 

Broke from the trip to see where Jane Austin lived
By the way, rockin passport protector, Linds
if you could only see my birkenstocks 

ummm…why didn’t I know then that I had HOT legs??
I would have worn mini skirts. 
I think Mom kept this as a secret on purpose 

For this trip in a week, I found an adorable hotel in Bath. It’s called The Brindley’s. It looks to be so neat and relaxing.

It took me forever to make a hotel decision
Glad I found this place!

Last night I tweeted the owner of a vintage clothing store in Bath who gave me some great restaurant recommendations. I think I’ve picked my dinner spot. The others will be great for lunch on either day. Tweeting/facebooking people who more than likely have similar taste to you really works. I know if someone asked me I would be thrilled to fill them in about the places I love.

Here they are…..

Gascoyne Place

I’ll eat lunch here one of my two mornings. The look is very light and comfy in an old Georgian building. I love the look of the bar and snug. I’ll definitely stop by.

The Circus Restaurant,  This will be my dinner pick. It’s the favorite of my recommender.

This restaurant seems to have that homey feel I love and the food doesn’t seem to be pretentious, but instead based on fresh ingredients and taste. The location sounds like a great place. Love the color choice. Mix between gray and green. Perfect with the stone found all over the city.

Le Beaujolais, Casual French

Woods, French

Casanis, French

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