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In Design

By Lindsey

Double Decker Festival Day 2 :: Oxford

On 28, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Design, Travel | By Lindsey

Back when I was job hunting I just knew it meant I would have to move far far away from all the things I’ve loved over the years. Not so. Moving to Memphis has given me the chance to do all the things I loved to do in college like, Double Decker. Friday night WMC sent me to the square to report live at 10 :: today I sent myself there to shop and eat!



I haven’t been in four years. Today Mom and I loaded up and hit every store in Lafayette County. Proof….



The crowd has gotten bigger and the vendors all have such quality items. We did most of our shopping in all the antique malls around town. The same ones I blew my paychecks in back in college. ┬áThis trip, though, I did make it in to a “real” store with new things and got this neat leather/gold plate ring from Amy Head Cosmetics on the square. It wasn’t there when I was in school. Neat addition. Worth walking in. The colors and design of the store will leave you with lots of ideas.


With the town soooooo packed we couldn’t find a restaurant spot to take a seat for a bit, so we crammed in a corner at Square Books.

We will be there next year! Great job to all the people who work hard to bring the community such an A + event!! Also nice seeing so many old friends like….Kathleen Jones Hamilton, if you read this. ┬áThe four years I was there Mom made the 6 to 7 hour drive from the coast so often. I don’t know how she did it after teaching kids all day! Roaming Oxford together again was sweet.

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